Flowers on Friday!

Today Mom decided that we should join in on Dory's Flower Friday! 

She's a big fan of flowers and she loves seeing everyone's gardens and greenery on Friday, so she thought she'd share as well. Some of the flowers are in pots or growing wild in PA, and some are in my Dad's Mom's gardens in NJ.

This first one is in PA. Mom isn't sure what it is. It's in a spot where at one time her sister threw a packet of wildflower seeds to grow...this has been the only one she's seen so far. BOL

This is a flower that's growing wild in the yard. It's a small thing, the flowers on it each about the size of one of mom's pinky nails. 

In a pot on the deck is Mom's red geranium. She just LOVES the pretty leaves of this plant. 

Another one growing wild in the yard, even smaller then the yellow ones. If you look you can kind of get an idea of how tiny these flowers and the total plant is...those are blades of grass surrounding it!

Another one from mom's corner deck garden. A red dianthus! Well...the still tightly unopened beginning of a dianthus...but with a full flower in the background!

Now into NJ....

In Dad's Mom's garden, the coreopsis are beginning to bloom.

As are the spirea plants! 

Also in Dad's Mom's garden are some variety of geranium, coneflowers, day lilies and all sorts of other pretty things.
Mom says she'll share those next Friday! 


  1. Just gorgeous.

    We have to 'borrow' other people's flowers, too. We mostly have flowering bushes...BOL!

  2. Your flowers are so lovely! I love geraniums but cannot for the life of me keep them alive!

  3. What pretty, pretty flowers! Our mom loves red geraniums too but she hardly ever plants them in our yard.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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