I've got something tasty to share...!

And that tastiness goes by the name of Bravo Homestyle Complete!

You see, in the month of June I received an email from my friend Ashlee, wondering if I would be interested in trying out this product from Bravo to see how I liked it. Well, I am always up for trying something new and (with luck!) tasty. 

After giving her my 'YES, PLEASE' it didn't take long for a package to arrive at my door, containing two of the three varieties of the Bravo Homestyle Complete line.

The only flavor that's missing here is Turkey!
For the short time we waited Mom did some looking into the company and it's ingredients...and she did like what she found! Some of the good things she discovered were:
  • Most of their meats and poultry are sourced right here in the USA (poking around the website mom found their turkey supplier is Koch Turkey Farms in Tamaqua, PA and their chicken supplier is Murray's Farms in Spring Valley, N.Y). A few of their ingredients do come from New Zealand and France...but NOT EVER NEVER from China.
  • NO GMO products!
  • ALL products are made in the USA. 
  • Bravo has a Nine Step Food Safety process to be sure that all their products are meeting their strict food safety standards, while at the same time staying as close to nature as possible.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the food you've purchased, you can always email Bravo to request the test results from the batch your particular product came from. (Click here for the page explaining that process!)

For my review of these products, we decided to open up and use the Beef flavor first!

Bag of the bag, featuring all sorts of useful information!

Mom opened up the bag, then held it down for me to give an initial sniff-over...I could tell this was going to be something yummy! Not only did it smell delicious, but I could see tasty bits of cranberry, green beans and sweet potato (and green beans and sweet potato are two of my favorite foods!)!

However before the official tasting could be done, Mom had to get it all ready for me!

Mom has given me Stella and Chewy's meal mixers before with my kibble, and those always reconstituted fully but into a sort of tasty-mush. Mom isn't sure just how this sort of freeze-dried should be when fully reconstituted. After the 15-20 minutes was up the meats still seemed a bit hard and crunchy toward the middle, Mom wasn't sure if it was supposed to be that way or maybe the water she used wasn't warm/hot enough to fully dehydrate the product.

Oh well...either way...THAT didn't bother ME one bit. I just wanted her to put that bowl down!

And so she did...and I got my first taste! 

And oh boy, was it good! The first thing I did was start drinking up all the delicious gravy! After that I just dug right in to all the good stuff.

And it was indeed good stuff! It was  a very sad thing when I finally got all the goodness out from the bowl and Mom pulled it away.

But noooo! There was still bits in there!!

After this first bowl for taste testing purposes mom started mixing small bits of it in with my normal kibble...and it was just as good! Another big bonus is that the one 'tasting' meal I had of nothing but the Bravo didn't bother my tummy in any way, or cause my poops to be at all weird or off!

So what do I think overall of Bravo Homestyle Complete Dinners?


...can I have more, please?!

OOOH! See, I TOLD you there were still bits in here....but not anymore! BOL

Want to see more tasty things this Tuesday? Today I'm linking up with Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol's Notes for their Tasty Tuesday blog hop!

((DISCLAIMER: Opinions of this product is 100% honest and our own. Except for receiving one bag of Bravo Beef Homestyle Complete and one bag of Bravo Pork Honestyle Complete free of charge for review purpose we were in no other way compensated. ))


  1. Those things are so dang tasty I can't take it!
    Lily & Edward

  2. You had me at gravy.

    Aroo to you,

  3. Great review! I love freeze dried dog food and we often use it as a topper on kibble.

  4. WE have seen that on the CHEWY.COM list. It looks LUCIOUS...

  5. Mm mm good! That looks tasty! And we love stuff from the USA!

  6. OMD...that looks so tasty! We bet the waiting is the hardest part, for sure!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Oh boy does that ever sound and look yummy, Wesley! We love the last picture of your tongue getting all of the last crumbs!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Well.....YUMMERS!!!!! Wowsa Wesley, you sure gets the good stuffs!!! And I'm with everyone else....loves that last shot!!!
    Ruby ♥


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