Reviewing something tasty for Tuesday!

Computer at momma's house still isn't right...but momma has dug out her older computer tower and plans on hooking that back up when we get home tomorrow so we can post regularly again! Currently we are at poppa's again, my second home! 

But that's not what you wanted to know. I betcha you just wanted to know what  is soooo tasty that I'm reviewing today! Well, that I'm technically reviewing again...but you never saw the first one because all momma's pictures for it are stuck on her broken computer. So...I get to review again...and guess what?

 Honey got to help!

Ready to help you eat test all the treats, Wesley!

So, what did we get to taste and give our opinions on?

These Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bakes Carrot and Pumpkin cookies from the most wonderful!! Here's a look at the back of the package, too! Look at that simply delicious ingredient list!

If you can't read it in the photo, the ingredients are: Whole Wheat Flour, Honey, Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Carrots, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Cane Molasses, Natural Vanilla Flavor. We love it! Not an unpronounceable, unknown thing in sight!
On top of all that, this is what had to say about these treats:
Fresh from Old Mother Hubbard's pet bakery come Gourmet Goodies - a line of unique, artisanal gourmet baked treats. It’s a great day for a treat from the Gourmet Goodies collection! With plenty of artisanal textures and tastes to choose from, your dog will discover a new, delicious flavor in each mouthwatering morsel! You can smell the slow-baked goodness of each ingredient in these tender cookies. How does your dog say yum?
Key Benefits
  • Deliciously moist inside - soft & tasty
  • Mouthwatering oven-baked aroma
  • All natural, all pleasing
  • Made in the USA!

Now, there was one thing Momma was not crazy about with these treats - they are called Soft Bakes, so she thought that they would be a softer treat...they are not. They are rather hard and crunchy, not at all soft. She didn't even find them to be 'moist inside-soft and tasty'. They were just straight through and through a harder, crunchy treat.
Not something she would usually get for me, since she and I both prefer softer treats (she likes to be able to easily break apart treats to use for me in training!). 

These cookies were also quite a bit on the larger side of the treat scale, especially for a smaller dog.

So, have you had enough info, boring stuff yet? Do you wanna know just how awesomely delicious Honey and I liked them? 
First, the giving of the treats. 

Then, the crunching...

Oh, Wes, you left some  crumbs...let me help you with that...

Not so fast, Honey! That's MINE!

So, what did we ultimatly thing of these Old Mother Hubbard's Soft Bakes with Carrot and Pumpkin treats?

I think we'd both like some more!

Both of us give this a two paws up rating, for a total rating of a whopping eight paws up! If you want a good, crunchy-not-soft treat, you should really give these a try! 

Honey was so enamored...she couldn't take her eyes off the bag! 

(Note: We were given one free bag of treats to give an honest review on, and were in no way compensated otherwise. All opinions are 100% our own and 100% honest.)


  1. I want to scream at computer issues. Although those treats look tasty they are huge
    Lily & Edward

  2. OH BOY.... you hauled out the Tape Major thingy... and it WASN'T fur Majoring SNOW. We like THIS use much better!!! Glad that your mom had the Other Tower and can get back up and posting again with it.. ONCE you get Home.

  3. Thanks fur that review. We got all 'cited when we saw the 'greedy ants but when yu barked they weren't soft an chewy, well, that's a bummer. Mommy is always breakin my treats into tiny lil crums. These don't sound like they'd be easy to break.
    Oh well, it's almost bug season. I'll go hunt up my own snacks.

  4. We had the apple Soft Bakes and the best part of these yummy treats is that they are HUGE!
    Great review, Wesley and Honey!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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