Hikes and springing spring!

 So yesterday we went hiking, just as Momma promised! Now granted, it wasn't a super long hike; it was kind cold-windy out yesterday and there was still plenty of snow on the ground in the woods where the sun doesn't hit so well. Not to mean plenty of snow depth wise, but plenty of snow for Momma to slip on and fall!

Not that she did...but there were a few close calls!

Come on Momma! Hurry up!

Pretty little waterfall...we'll be back later in the year for a closer look!

When it's warmer yet and less snow-slippery out Momma wants to go back for sure. The bank to the creek we were hiking next to was pretty steep and Momma didn't dare go down yet. That'll be for next time when it's drier!

Today was ever warmer then yesterday, and it is the first time Momma's opened the windows! It didn't take long for Baby to come and claim her favorite spot when this happens.

While Baby sat admiring the outside world from inside, Momma and I went outside to check it out! We did some training out in the yard, and then wandered down to the mailbox...and Momma noticed this!

  Fresh buds on the lilac tree at the end of the driveway!

And THEN when we walked to the other side of the house, I found these!

The beginnings of some lily flowers!

Even though it's still been pretty cold and it's still super early spring, it looks like things around here just can't wait to get started with growing again!


  1. That looked like a nice place to hike. Our daddy found some daffy dills coming up in our yard today!

  2. We keep trying to get our dad to take us hiking but he keeps saying he's too busy right now. boooooooooooooo
    You are so lucky, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Oh Wesley... you got to go check out the woods and smell the smells and stuffs. We are glad that your mom didn' t fall and get HURT...
    Wheeeeee you found some spring flowers starting to come out of the ground. THAT is a very much HOPEFUL sign.
    You had your windows open...Already? OH how GOOD that makes the house smell.

  4. Oh how fun! What a beautiful hike. I've been meaning to take Petal out for a hike but haven't yet. Now I really want to! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures. :)


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