Come get me!

Momma and I are over at poppa's again, it's one of our favorite places to be! Bonus; his computer, unlike Momma's at home, works currently! (Wes' Momma note: I knew I should never have attempted that upgrade thing, no matter how easy to looked/sounded! Hopefully Chris (Wes' poppa) is able to correct my stupid. All my picture of Wes since getting him last June are on there! This is what has me most upset...)

When we're here at poppa's, one of Honey's and my favorite games is 'catch me if you can!' Even though I'm smaller then Honey and she's got longer legs, I can still outrun her pretty good!

At least for a little while...


  1. Once you get your computer fixed up again.... maybe you should consider and EXTERNAL hard drive... I use a CLICK FREE Brand... to back up all of your pictures... It will keep them all SAFE for when somethingy happens... and thingys ALWAYS DO happen AGAIN... When I got a new laptop last spring... I just plugged in the Click Free... and it added all my precious pictures.
    ALSO... just to be SURE we never lose them... when I get a bunch on my SD Card... I burn them to a Disc.
    Just sayin.

    1. Momma kept on meaning to get at least a mini flash drive thing to move the bunches of pictures she has onto...but kept on putting it off. Well...this'll teach her good!

  2. Oh me and my maggie run like that alls the time, we drive our folks nuts...abhahahhahah....
    angus mc

  3. We love watching you and Honey whiz by, Wesley! We sure hope your mom is able to get her pictures back. We know how precious they are to her!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. OMD, those pics are just the bestest!!! You guys are just BLURS!!!!! Goooooooo!!
    I sure hopes you get those pics back!!! I'll keep my paws crossed!!!
    Ruby ♥


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