Backyard exploring

It's Monday and Momma's off from work, so this mean we're sending our day at poppa's again. He's currently at work at this office, so it's just Momma, Honey and me in the house right now. It is cold outside again, back into the mid 30's and not at all nice and warm and feeling like Spring at all. Apparently this cold it going to hang around a few more days, and there is even rumor of getting an inch or so of SNOW for tomorrow morning. And just when we were really starting to get rid of all the old stuff! It being cold out didn't stop me and Momma from taking a little mini exploratory walk around the backyard area, though!


However, it IS the mini walk really was pretty mini. So for the rest of the afternoon I think I'll just be doing this...



  1. That looks like a FUN thingy to do on a day like this...

  2. It looks like there are a lot of good smells over there
    Lily & Edward

  3. yep that is what we are doing also.
    stella rose

  4. We were doing the exact same thing as you were, Wesley - hanging out and chewing on our knuckle bones! It never got out of the 20's here today!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Looks like fun! Hope your weather get better and you can go for long walks. Our trees are beginning to leaf out but it's still "too cold" for HER. Anything less than 80 and she's wearing a coat BOL.

  6. Love the chewing face! I get the same crazy eyes when I work on my chews!

  7. Oh Wesley, I sure hope it warms up and stays warmed up soon!


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