Guess what I got!?


Yup, that's right! My Momma got a Barkbox just for me for March! She had seen some of my other doggy bloggy friends talking about them and how much fun they were and she decided that since I'm such a good boy I could have one, too!
I was so excited to see what came for me this month!

I stuck my head right in there to see what goodies I had gotten, was juuuuust deciding what to try first when Momma told me to 'Leave It!' and CALLED ME AWAY! How rude is that?! WHY would she do something like that?!

Because pictures, that's why! Before I could play OR taste anything in MY box, she wanted to take a picture of it all together.

Then I STILL couldn't play with anything, because she found this card in the box to tell us all about what I had gotten, and I had to take a picture with that!

I was so wiggly and wanting to get at my box, and Momma just wouldn't let me yet! She starting pulling all the stuff out of the box to take one more picture with it all on display...she sat her camera all ready and...

I FINALLY had my chance, and I went for the grab!

The red squeeky thing was mine!

I haven't tried the yummy looking treats yet, Momma plans on taking some with us walking today! It's a beautiful day out, a blue sky with big fluffy clouds so we will DEFINITELY go hiking a little later!

So excited...yay Spring!


  1. OOHHH! Fun! We've sent a couple of my furiends Barkboxes but I've nefur had one fur me! Not fair!

    Mommmmyyyy! I needa Barkbox! All the cool pups get them!

    Have fun with yur goodies!

  2. Wesley that looks like a MAJOR pressie package !! Stuffs fur ALL occasions and such.
    Enjoy your walk... then... get back into the Box again...

  3. WooooHoooo!! Oh yeah! That is one pawsome box Wesley!! I likes your style....a doggie can only wait so long!! I say grab it while you can!! I say pfffffft! to peeps and their flashy box!!
    Now, go out and enjoy the beautiful weathers!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Getting those boxes in the mail are so exciting
    Lily & Edward

  5. Wow - that barkbox is loaded with good stuffs! We need to talk our mom into getting one for us! Enjoy your treats on your walk, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. We have never had a Barkbox, but mom is thinking about getting one for us to try. That's lots of great stuff! We are in awe of your ability to sit still for the flashy beast. We would not have been so agreeable.


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