First day of Spring!

Momma tells me that today is the very first, official day of Spring! She is very excited about it because she says that means colors are coming, and warmer days. I'm excited about it because warmer days means
longer walks outside and more playtime out in the yard!

Speaking of the yard, do you remember the bazillion-million feet of snow that we had? Well...look at it now! 

It's practically GONE, and I can touch in some places the actual ground again! Even though today is spring it was still kinda cold here in my spot in PA, with the temperature not getting higher then 40* (which is still much better then 30*!) and a cold wind blowing. According to Momma tomorrow is supposed to be 50* and nice and sunny, and she says if it is we'll see about going for a nice mini-hike over at  the local environmental education center.

I'm going to cross my paws tonight and hope tomorrow is just as she says it's supposed to be!


  1. Hope dat spring hurries its way up dere for ya! We've already had days in da 80s.

  2. Hope it gets to you fast! It was 80 and sunny here today. Momma got burnt, and I had to cool off in the hose!

  3. OMD Wesley... you can now see the GRASS and Ground... THAT is TREE Men DUS.
    Let us just HOPE that the weather Blabbers are yankin our Walkin Strings when they say that we will have ANOTHER big Snow.... NEXT WEEK... That would just not be Fair at all. RIGHT?

  4. We hope you have 50's today and lose even more of your snow, Wesley! Happy Spring!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Thank goodness for spring. You still have quite a bit of snow back there
    Lily & Edward


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