Days with Honey!

For the next few days Momma and I are going to be at poppa's house and I get to run around with Honey! Also, I get to sleep with my special blankie!
This is my blankie. Momma got it for me before I came to live with her.

My blankie stays here at poppa's house in my sleeping crate here so I'm not so lonely at night. You see, at home I get to sleep in bed with momma, but here at poppa's house his momma doesn't like for dogs to be upstairs where the bedrooms are - not even Honey. So I have a special sleeping crate here, and my special blankie.

It doesn't always just stay in my crate, though. I like to drag it around the house with me. And sometime when I do that, Honey likes to roll and play on it too.

Honey! Get off my blankie! 

I'm excited to spend the next few days here with Honey, poppa and poppa's family (including one of my favoritest people ever, uncle Steve!)! I just know we're going to have lots of fun!

We always do!

...but Honey better lay off the touching of my blankie!

Honey, you've been warned! BOL


  1. Have fun Wesley.
    Yu got yu a great stink eye there. Be skeered Honey, be furry skeered!

  2. You and Honey are going to have the bestest time, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. I would be skeered to take that blankie away from you!
    stella rose


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