Snow again!

So...this is what it looks like right this minute outside from the window by Mom's computer.
More snow is falling!
Yup, apparently we didn't get enough snow the other day so we're are getting more of it now. And boy is it ever cold today! Not that that stops me from wanting to go out and play.

Look mom, I'm catching snowflakes on my tongue!

We got lots of snow the other I'm NOT actually running around on the ground...I'm running around on about a foot of the previous snow! It's been so cold lately that it's formed a hard top on it, so a little dog like myself can run around on it and not sink in. Well...not sink in too much anyway. There is an occasional soft spot that catches me by surprise.

Mom won't let me stay outside to long, it IS really cold and wet and I have no coat. Yet.

When I start getting covered like this Mom makes me come back inside. Fun-ruiner!

It's not so bad being insider today. It's nice and warm in the house, and I have my new favorite ever toy to play with.

Is anyone else's day as winter-y white as mine today?


  1. We got the same snow, Wesley, but mom was too busy to take us out to play in the snow yesterday. We're hoping that today is better! We love the snow!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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