And some more winter weather!

I know yesterday I had told everyone we had some winter weather...well we had more of it! This time with some real-deal snow! We didn't get a whole lot, just enough for Mom to be happy since it looks pretty but doesn't really need to be moved by her in any way. I like that I can make pawprints!

Like these!
 I wish I could really run around in it and have some REAL fun, but Mom is keeping a pretty close eye on me about that kind of stuff. She says it's only been four days since my neutering, and I'm still healing so have to be careful.

No fun, that.
Hey, what's that over there?
 Hopefully we see more of this snow-stuff once I can run around more, so I can have some real fun with it. Until then I guess I'll just have to continue to give Mom my best sad face for treats take it a bit easy. Mom tells me there's one very good reason for me to listen to her about that: if I don't, I might wind up at the vet's again because I've hurt myself.

THE VET?! Do NOT want!

Considering that option...I think I'll be good and keep the activity down!


  1. Oh, when you get a chance, please run one lap in that snow for me! I live in South Florida and I never get snow.

  2. I love the snow and get a serious case of the zoomies when I'm out in it. Don't worry you will heal soon and be zooming in no time.


  3. Oh my you got your ball-ectomy was that your Christmas gift?? I remember that day well, yep I left my jewels at the vets also, seriously I think those vets collect them. Normally by now Cincinnati has had about an inch of snow, this year we have had a total of twelve inches. So considering the weather and that I send out a small calendar each year you will be getting my card before January 1. Now I got your card today and I must say you look mighty spiffy with the red hat.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Hey we got your card yesterday, thank you so much. we added you to our blog, please come on over and visit us.
    stella rose, margaret mae, and angus mcconnell

  5. You have to be a good boy for now, Wesley, because you need to heal. The snow fun will come soon enough!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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