For me?!

When Mom came home from work today, there was a box out on the porch. I had seen the mailman drop it off and boy did I give him a good barking when he came near the door all day I had to sit around and wonder who it was for. Mom hasn't taught me to read human yet, so the scribbles on the box meant nothing.

When Mom finally came home, she brought the box in...and then told me it was for ME. And it was from Bobo! Just like I got the help Santa Paws with Ranger this Christmas, Bobo got to help Santa Paws with me!

 Mom wanted to wait until Christmas for me to open my box...but I gave her my bestest ever pleeeeeeeease face and she gave in! 
Moooooooooom! I wanna open it!!

OOOOOO! There looks like so much good stuff in here.... this a squeeker stuffie!? OMD my favorite!
There were LOTS of yummiy foods (Some banana and oatmeal treats, beef liver treats and chicken wrapped rawhides), super fun toys (a ball and the best thing ever! a squeeker stuffie whale), a golden poop bag holder, an awesome sock monkey blanket and...well...honestly Mom and I aren't sure what the last item in the box was! Whatever it is, the fabric for it is, as mom said a 'super cute doggie print' (her words, not mine!).

She wouldn't let me play or eat any of it though...not until she took a picture.

Hurry up Mom! I want to play with that stuffie!
 Also in the box was a cute card and two picture of Santa Paw's helpers!

Ooooooh this stuffie is the best ever!

Oh wait...THIS might be the best stuff ever...chicken wrapped rawhide?! Om-nomnom yum!
 So thank you Bobo for helping Santa Paws with me! Everything is super awesome, and you are the bestest furiend EVER.

Oh, also in the mail today...I got more cards! Mom saw a few other bloggers displaying their cards on the backs of doors, and she thought it was a super she had to do it too!

My card count? 30, with 7 e-cards! Mom's count? 3!
At the rate I'm getting cards, Mom's going to have to find me another door! BOL!


  1. OMD….. you got to open your pressie? Mom won't let me open my pressie from you. Drat. I'm gonna tell my Mom that your Mom let you open yours… and maybe she'll change her mind.

  2. You got a great box!!!!! Lots of goodies!!!
    stella rose

  3. You sure did score, Wesley, and we are so happy that you didn't have to wait to open your fun box!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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