YUP! That's far I've gotten SIX Christmas cards from my furiends, and I'm so excited! Mom has been sticking them on the china cabinet until she pulls up all her Christmas boxes and really gets the decorating.
All these are for me! Thanks furiends!

Speaking of furiends...I made a new one! This here with me is Thumper! I kind of stole him from my Mom's room one day and now he's my favorite chew toy best friend ever. 

You are my bestest buddy, aren't you Thumper?
Well, best friend ever except for Mom, but that's only because she is the giver of treats and foods,and ear scratches, and official stick-thrower...

....ok. She maybe you're my SECOND best friend ever, Thumper.


  1. Look at all of your beautiful cards, Wesley! Isn't it so much fun getting them in the mail addressed to you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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