Feelin' Better

So yesterday was awful. Paws down, not my most favorite day ever...currently in the top of the running for worse day in the history of ever .

However today I am feeling better.

Especially since my took the cone-of-shame off me...
 I'm a little sore, and every now and then I move in what must be the wrong way. When that happens I act as if I've been pinch and go darting across the room, tail tucked, before sitting down for awhile. Even with that, I very much want to run and play, but Mom says the mean nasty vet said I shouldn't go really crazy with running and playing for 2 weeks.

  2 WEEKS!

How am I going to survive 2 weeks of...dull! I need to run, and jump...and run some more! SO unfair.

...and it really looks like so much fun outside, too!
 Anydoggie else out there ever have to ever take it easy like that? How'd you get through it?


  1. Two weeks is a long time to be patient, Wesley. Maybe a bully stick or stuffed bone or kong would keep you occupied for a bit. Hang in there!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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