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Hello Blogville! I'm stealing the blog from Wesley for today to ask for your help on behalf of our local animal shelter.

Logo is property of the Pike County Humane Society. 

In the area where I live in PA, we have one animal shelter that serves all the townships in the Pike county (twelve of them). According to Wikipedia, Pike County has a total area of 567 square miles of which 545 of that is land.

That's a lot of land and area for one shelter...and this shelter is financial trouble in a big way.

I'm going to pull this post directly from the Pike County Humane Society's Facebook page, because they can explain it better then I:

Your Pike County Humane Society in NEPA is in fact, in the most desperate need of financial donations. We are not able to take in any animals at this time.
There is no shortage of animals needing our help, needing to come in, needing homes, needing surgeries.....needing a safe haven. We take pride in how social we are, how animals stay till they get adopted, even if it takes months, for some it's been years. We believe in this system, this social system & fairness to all who come through our doors. But we are at a standstill now. Hopeful but the math scarily speaks for itself.This is not just our shelter, this is what approximately 130 animals call home till they find their forever home. We have many dogs & cats available for adoption. And more and more calls day in and day out come, with pending surrenders for every reason under the sun. We have a 42% adoption rate on cats and 96.8% adoption rating on dogs.
The cost to run efficiently far exceeds $28,000.00 to now $30,000.00 per month. And each year that passes, rises.
PCHS handles all townships of Pike County PA.
We are thankful for the townships who have been consistent with assistance. Last year, Dingmans Twp $4000.00, Lehman Twp $4000.00, Milford Twp $500.00, Milford Boro $500.00, Matamoras Boro $300.00.
We have received no funds, zero, from Porter (last contribution was 8 years ago), Greentown/Greeley, Blooming Grove, Lackawaxen (nothing in 5 years), Palmyra, Delaware Twp (nothing in 8 years), Westfall and Shohola Twp.
We receive no funds whatsoever from the HSUS, AHA nor ASPCA.
From the State, we've received $600.00 since January 2015.
We have been able to survive all these blessed years from dedicated supporters to the powers that be & by the Grace of God.
The animals did not ask to be without a home, we give them a home till they can be in a forever home. Bluntly, if doors close, they will have no home, there will be no future intakes, clinics (helping over 500 animals in the early Spring this year alone), spay/neuter, stray calls, surrenders, injured animals on the road, emergency help, help with Safe Haven domestic situations, pets who's owners have passed away or gone into any assisted living.....this will cease.
We are the only shelter in Pike County PA. These services we extend to help residents of our area, will cease. What does that mean? Even more stray cats and add stray dogs that could turn into packs of dogs with no where to go. No one to call for emergency help. Where will they go, without us?
Please help, please help keep this amazing shelter open. Thank you extended to you all, thank you, from the animals!

Some of the townships the shelter serves are obviously not doing their part, and that is a hurt on the heart. I've never done one before, but for MY part I'm going to work on organizing a bake sale/assisting with a bake sale with all proceeds to help benefit this shelter.

I'm posting this here, now, to ask you for your help in helping to save our shelter. I know...it's not your shelter and I hate to put this here and ask for such a thing....but I will for the sake of the shelter. And every little bit can help.

Every. Little. Bit.

Two dollars. Five dollars. Heck, one dollar can make a difference.

And it would be so appreciated. So very appreciated.

If you would like to donate, here is a link to the shelter's own webpage. There is a Paypal donation button right on the home page, on the left side.


  1. That is a huge area. Hope they get lots of donations.

  2. That's a huge area! Hope everyone pitches in. So sad. :(

  3. What a great thing you are doing, we're headed over to their homepage.

    Aroo to you,


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