Just want to say...

For everyone's words, hugs, margarita offers and just general support.  Until just recently I honestly didn't realize how much I actually miss (and I'm sure will always miss) my father.

So just thank you one and all.

Your words and support really do mean a whole lot.

I promised a fun and light-hearted post after my previous one...and I know this doesn't exactly fit the bill for that but...forgive me?

For tomorrow...how about some yummy food talk?


  1. Write what is on your heart. We are all here for you. When you feel like writing something funny you'll know.

  2. Yummy food talk (or anything else ya wanna right) are always good.

  3. Howz bout takin Wes fur a walk? He'd luv that an we get to see yur great piccies!
    Dubble win!

  4. We are always up for talk about foodables, Wesley! Huge hugs to you and your mom!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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