Around the lake

The community where my dad lives in New Jersey is called 'Sunset Lakes'. It's not a very large community, and really only hosts two lakes. One bigger one, and one secondary smaller one next to the big one.

The larger lake is right across the street from my dad's house, and there is a nice little path around it for people to use. It's also stocked with fish so people can enjoy some catch and release fishing.

It's for sure pretty to look at.

What a nice view!

Though however nice the views Mom kept our walk sort of quick, because when you looked under the tree shades all you could see where black swarms of annoying little gnats.

This view made me go 'EW YUCK.'

But quick didn't necessarily mean that I didn't get the chance to check out what some of the other dogs in the community were saying.

Elvis the golden was here!

Later this same day Dad, Mom and I went out for another walk elsewhere...a nice long 2.5 mile one. Sadly, Mom didn't bring her camera so there are no pictures from that excursion...though one sad thing came of it.

Mom and Dad decided that I would not be joining them on further such trips!

What?! Why can't I go?!

They have assured me it has nothing to do with anything I've done...but that ticks are going to be BAD this year.  After my walk with Dad and Mom, Mom gave me a good look over for those evil blood-sucking critters.

She found more then a dozen, and then four more when we got back to the house after she gave me an after woods-walk bath.

And this is while wearing a Seresto collar, with K9 Advantix AND a natural tick/bug repellent (used sort of like a human's bug spray). 

That was a lot of icky little critters for such a little walk, on a pretty well maintained path while Mom kept me on close leash so I couldn't get into the brush.

They will still be going out hiking (heavily bug sprayed up, with tucked in layers and hats and crazy body-lookovers when they get back) and Mom will still share those hiking pictures...I just will not be involved. 

I'm sad about Mom and Dad's decision...but I DO know it's probably for the best for me.

Oh well.

Stupid ticks. 


  1. OMD.....Those ticks are worse than squirrels. Sometimes it's better to stay in your own backyard and this is probably one of those time.

    I'm sorry you're such a tick magnet out there. But that shows just how lovable you are! Just sayin'


    1. ...and here I had always thought there was NOTHING worse then those squirrels!

  2. That flea stuff is what made our Maggie so sick, it was the number II one though and not what you were wearing. That is a lot of ticks for everything you were wearing, our dad is a tick magnet also but he won't wear a flea collar....heheheheh stella rose

    1. It is a lot of tick-y stuff...and Mom hates putting it on me. Thankfully I haven't had any bad things happen to me due to them like Maggie. Hopefully it continues like that.

      Better yet, hopefully all the ticks just go away!

  3. WE have been hearing that TICKS are TERRIBLE this year fur some reason...
    It is best to stay away from areas where they are.... butt we hate that you will miss out on some walkies...
    LOVE that Lake...

    1. It is best...but it's also just no fun. I love my woods walks...but still...better safe then sorry and sick.

  4. I think it's a wise decision your peeps are making. Keep it on the sidewalks where ticks aren't allowed. BOL like I know anything about sidewalks; I live out in the country.

    Aroo to you,

    1. The only time my feet hit sidewalk is when my Mom takes me into town to get groomed...otherwise I am surrounded by woods at home in Pa and at dad's in NJ!

  5. Those horrible little ticks, ruining YOUR walks. Shouldn't be allowed. Oh well....guess you'll have to have walks elsewhere until they leave again.

    1. They really are super horrible! Mom tells me that of course we'll still walk together...just on the roads where it's BORING and there are no good smells.

  6. Wow all those ticks on one pup!!!! Gosh, I haf to agree wiv Mom, such a shame 'cos that is a very beautiful place
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Ugh, we used to have a park like that before we moved. We'd come back from it and they're be 8-15 ticks on the dogs. Disgusting. Ticks squick me out like nothing else.

  8. Bummer that you won't get to go too, Wesley, but you don't want Lyme disease. You gotta stay safe!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. That sure is a lot of ticks. Too bad you can't go on walkies because of them.


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