She's been lazy!

That's right, my Momma has been exceedingly lazy about my blog again lately! Though I've nose-punched her, and whined at her and even gave her my very-best eyes she just has been overlooking it all this past week...and the excuses she's given!

I'm sorry Wesley, I have to go to work.
I'm sorry Wesley, I'm sick with the plague that's going around work.
I'm sorry Wesley, I have to go visit my Dad for awhile.
I'm sorry Wesley, but I have to bake these sugar cookies.
...and now I'm still sorry, but I now have to decorate them all.
I'm sorry Wesley...the internet isn't working.

HA! Does she think I buy any of those? Just lazy, I tell you!

She hasn't even taken any proper pictures! FOR SHAME!

One of the only pictures Momma as taken this past week- me rolling out my frustrations on the lawn!

BUT just because Momma's been busy and/or unable to use the internet super lazy doesn't mean I've forgotten my furiends here...or that she's forgotten about my Caru giveaway, which officially ended this past Tuesday!

Now it was going to be POSTED on Tuesday, but that's one of the days the internet was ka-put...or so she says!

So, just who did win?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to the winners! Momma will be sending out emails later tonight to get mailing info so you can get your delicious Soft and Tasty Duck bars!


  1. WESLEY we are so sorry that you are having to try and retrain your mom this way. They do get outta practice... quickly, don't they?


  2. Yah moms get like thst sometimes, mine does the same thing.

  3. Oh Wesley we also have the same problem at ours is a hard situation when we just can't type our own blogs.
    stella rose

  4. Yay so excited!! Mauja and Atka are going to love them :)


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