More Caru deliciousness!

You all remember last Tuesday when I did a review on Caru's Soft and Tasty Duck Recipe treats? If you didn't, you should do on over and check it AND the giveaway I'm hosting for ONE FREE BAG of those same treats out...go ahead! I'll wait. 

Back? Good!

As I mentioned in the other post, those treats aren't the only yummy things that Caru carries...they almost carry a few varieties of better then just like homemade natural stews!

When I received the delicious duck treats to try, I was also sent not one but TWO of these stews to try for myself!

I was sent both a Chicken variety and a Beef variety, but on top of those two flavors they also have one made with Turkey and one with Pork! Yummy!

Here's what the Caru website has to say about their line of stews:

Uncanny nutrition. Uncanny taste.
Absolutely grain free.
At Caru, we’re as passionate about the health and happiness of pets as you. That’s why we start with real meat or poultry as the first ingredient (no ingredients from China), and why these stews are made in the United States. Our products are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and don’t contain any wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products. We only use meat and poultry that’s antibiotic and hormone* free. Plus, every grain free recipe is carefully prepared in small batches. These stews are brimming with nutrients like:

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • High quality protein for strong muscles and a healthy heart
  • Fiber-rich vegetables and fruit for digestive health
But here’s the best part. Thanks to our proprietary cooking and packaging process, Caru looks, smells and tastes more like homemade!

That sounds really, super good, doesn't it?! I know that my Momma was very happy to read all that, and felt all that much better about giving it to me.

A look at the packaging of the Beef stew!

One of the other things about this company that's interesting is that instead of using a can or tub to package their stews they use a Tetra Pak container. This container, made up of 70% paper, is completely BPA-free...and this is a good thing!

Now, with all that goodness pointed out...I think it's time to see if the TASTE is just as good as all that literature about it!

Now come on, Momma, open that pak! The BEEF one, if you please!

But do you even open a Tetra Pak? Oh! Look, a how to!

Oh, that was easy! And OMD does that ever smell good...even Momma took a wiff and said so! If it smells that good...I can only imagine that it tastes even better!

So pour some of that yumminess into the bowl for me and SHOW ME THE BEEF!

From the photos you can see there are LOTS of real veggies, lots of chunks of beef and plenty of gravy to go around. This was SO good, I licked my bowl completely, 100% clean! I just couldn't even imagine leaving behind any little bitty bit of all that delicious Caru Beef Stew just wouldn't be right. 

This was so good...I did something Momma has never ever seen me do before....

When we went back inside the house Momma put the open pak on the table so she could go and load the photos from this review onto her laptop and start putting this blog post together. She heard something from the kitchen and when she came back in I had hopped onto the kitchen chair and was in the process of getting on the table...which I had never, EVER tryed to do before. ((Wes' Momma: Seriously, I couldn't believe it when I came into the room. This dog has never ever done that before, for anything!))

Momma was quite shocked...I was just disappointed at being caught, because after that Momma promptly closed it up and put it away in the fridge. 

So...all in all, these Caru stew things? BEST, MOST DELICIOUS STUFF EVER.

Also, remember I mention above about my review last week and a giveaway?'s that giveaway again! You have SIX more days to enter, and some entries you can do multiple time! Again, this giveaway is for not one, not TWO but THREE people to win, each one to receive one bag all their own of the Caru Soft and Tasty Duck recipe treats (Click here to see my review of those last Tuesday!) Sadly this giveaway is only open to those who live in the United States, but I promise someday there will be one open to all my furiends outside the US, too!

One more note...some furiends stated last week that they entered the giveaway...but I am not seeing their entries! I AM using rafflecopter for this, so if you did NOT enter through the below thingie then your entry was not counted! I would hate to have a furiend who thought they entered miss out, so please make sure you entered through rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

((Disclaimer: Other then receiving free product to try out, we were in no other way compensated for our review of this product, and all opinions shared here are 100% our own.))

AND NOW, one very last thing! I am joining up this post with Sugar and Kol's Tasty Tuesday blog hop! Yummy!


  1. OMD that looks EVEN BETTER than some of the stuffs our mom cookers up. Lots of GOOD nutrition in those boxes.. We like the idea of boxes,TOO.

  2. Oh that sooooo good, we faught we entered but who knows when it comes to our momma, we like chewy treats the best.
    stella rose

  3. Hey there Wesley - we r Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta. When our mom wuz a kid the family had two little poodlez they wuz all white an'smaller than u. Our mom thinkz u iza really purty poodle - she ain't never seen a parti-colored one. Our mom iz like yourz - werkz all day then on the weekendz, when she IZ s'poze to b home with us - she alwayz takez of SUMWHEREZ. We stopped over frum Murphy & Stanley'z blog - read your intro then came by here to leeve a comment. Our time iz all uzed up now - we hazta uze our telepathic wavestream when our mom iz at that werk place an'it duzn't last furry much long. We will b bak to read more'boutz thoze yummerlishus treatz - they look soooooo good an'may-b we can enter your contest too!
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

  4. Those things sound fantastic. We never heard of those things
    Lily & Edward

  5. Gosh, that looks like peepoles fud! Like it's good enuf to Gobble up!

  6. I think that picture of your nose in the empty bowl says it all, and you are totally forgiven for jumping on the table!

  7. That looks as yummy as mom's beef stew! We don't blame you for wanting seconds, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. If it's anything like mom's beef stew, I bet it's perfect!!

  9. I don't believe in favorites! I am an equal opportunity nommer!

  10. Hi Wesley! How lucky you are to get to sample all those treats and foodables! Since Braeden is getting a bit fluffy, we had to cut back. We will just continue to imagine the deliciousness.

    Braeden and Seth

  11. Just read about Caru and seems to be DELISH! Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  12. We Beaglebratz FINALLY entered fur thoze yuumy treatz - our mom Kim almost furgotz to check bak in.
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

  13. Oh - az fur our fav treatz - we r Beaglez - we love it all! Ice cream (doggy kind of course), yogurt, Berriez, Applez, Wallymelon, Biskitz or Chewy - all r great!
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta


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