Caru should mean 'delicious'!

...well, it should...but it doesn't. What the word caru, which is Welsh, actually does mean is 'to love'. Isn't that a pretty word?

It's also the name of the company who's treat bars I'm going to share with you today!

Here before me I have a bag of Caru Duck recipe Soft and Tasty Bars. These bars are made with  USDA inspected duck, blueberries and cranberries. Yum, what a delicious sounding combination! Of course there are a few other things in there as well to hold all that deliciousness together, here's the list of everything you can find in these treat bars:

Duck, Potato Flour, Beet Molasses, Blueberries, Cranberries, Vegetable Glycerin, Dried Cultured Skim Milk, Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative).

And that's it! Just as easy a list as my Momma always likes to see when giving me a treat! Notice also what these bars DO NOT contain: wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal-byproducts...which means they are safe for pups that may suffer from some of those allergies. Another thing about these delicious-duck delicacies is that they are made in small batches right here in the USA, which is just another point in their favor!

You can see the delicious blueberries in it....yumyumyum!

These treats do run pretty long, at 4 1/2 inches long, but Momma says they break apart easily without being to crumbly at all...which makes them good for training! On Caru's website they also show Soft and Tasty Duck Bites, which look to be the same thing but more bite sized. They do seem to run a bit high calories wise, at 50 calories per treat...but if you break only one into small bits it's not so bad!

So, that's enough about the boring technical stuff...let's get to the REAL good stuff!

Like....the taste!

Oh yeah....these things are just EVERYTHING as promised : soft, chewy and just downright delicious!

Overall, both Momma and I give these Soft and Chewy Duck Bars from Caru a rating of super awesome and delicious...which is a pretty high rating! As a matter of fact Momma is pretty sure that I like these so much that these are now my newest high reward treat.

So...I only get them when I do something super awesome and amazing...

Darn! I better up my amount of super awesome and amazing things I do then, so I can get me more of these treats!
Now...there is some really good news, and some not-so-good news to go along with these treats.

We'll do the not so good news first. Since Caru is a brand new company, these treats really are not available in to many places yet...including places online! The website for Caru pet foods still has some places that are under construction, but soon it should have a 'Find Us' page so you can search and see if any places near you are carrying the brand.  Caru DOES do more then just make delicious treats...but I'll get to that in a whooooole different delicious post!

Now...that's the bad news.

Here's the good news!

I'll be holding a giveaway for not just ONE, not just TWO....but THREE of my friends (who also live in the USA...sorry to friends who live elsewhere. Cross my paws that one day there will be a giveaway for you, too!) to each win a bag of these Caru Soft and Tasty Duck treats to try all for themselves! How awesome is that! Enter and win and you and three others can try these before you can even find them in stores....awesome!

For this giveaway I'll be using go on ahead and enter, and best of luck to everyone!

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ALSO for today I am joining in on Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol's Notes Tasty Tuesday blog hop...because DANG are these bars good! 


  1. Those thingys look super yummy!

    I entered yur give-away contest!

  2. wowzer these things look so good, we are licking the computer screen!!!
    We signed up for your prize!
    stella rose

  3. These treats looks delicious! And healthy too :)

  4. YUMMY! Those treats sound super delicious. Great review!

  5. We have never heard of this brand before.... THANKS fur tellin us about it, Wesley.

  6. What a great review! I've never heard of these and they sure sound tasty!

  7. Just read about their company today. What a TASTY treat. Great ingredients. Enjoy and Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  8. Those duck treats sure do look tasty, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Love that "super awesome and delicious" rating. Now that's a rating system every pup can understand. :-)


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