Uh-oh | Not So Wordless Wednesday

...mom's been bad! She hasn't been helping me update my blog! Really Mom...a full week without an update? Why, how? It's not like things haven't been going on to tell all my furiends out there?

....ok...so maybe for all the end of last week nothing at all happened. Really, it was soooo boring! And Mom's camera battery died, and then she kept forgetting to charge it...so no pictures even! BUT now her battery is all charged, and things have started happening again...good and bad things.

Which to share first?! Bad things first...then good things to make it all better!

Sunday and Monday Mom noticed me shaking my head an awful lot, and she started wondering maybe I had an ear infection...so she decided to call my doggie doctor and make an appointment to make sure. There has also been a bit of an ouchie on my face which Mom was worrying about. She said this would kill two birds with one stone...whatever that means. Really, who wants to kill a bird with a stone?You should just chase them instead! So she called Monday and I had an appointment for Tuesday after she got home from work.


I got poked and prodded and hair pulled from my ear, and my boy-doggie bits played with and they shaved part of my face to better see the ouchie...I was NOT a happy poodle.

My face ouchie. Ouch. :(
Mom was right...I DO have an ear infection in my left ear, so no Mom has to put drops in it once a day for five days (...do not like!). The doggie doctor said the ouchie looks like a hot spot, they may have cut my face to close when I got my furs cut the last time. It's also on the same side as my ear infection, which make my ear itchy so I keep scratching there. The doggie doctor also gave Mom some antibiotic pills to help it get better. Already in the day since going to the vet I feel a bit less itchy and head-shakey.

So that's it for the bad news...now for the GOOD news! 


Mom! It's mine! Just give it to me!!!
 My first first first EVER Christmas card came from Reilly and the Dweeb Denny!
Thank you so much, guys! 

I'm going to treasure it for always guys, cross my paws!

There's also this as good news:

Whoa! It's me! 
This came as a surprise in the mail yesterday...a painting of me! But where did it come from? It came from Chewy.com, done by Lisa there! Mom was surprised and super thrilled by, she wasn't expecting such a thing! Sure, she'd got me things from there before (like the collar I'm wearing in the picture and painting!) but this was awesome!

She says she's pretty sure that she's found the pet supply site that she will continue to use to spoil me buy supplies for me.

So that's what's been going on in my world! Hopefully now that I've nipped Mom in the butt convinced Mom to update the blog she won't be so lax with it again!


  1. Wow, we are sorry to hear you have an ear infection AND a nasty hot spot. We hope the meds do their trick really quick! That's a pawsome painting of you, I'm sure your Mom was sooo excited. We got our first ever Christmas card, too! And today we got our second one! We are soooo gonna win the card challenge with the peeps. Have a great Turkey Day and feel better soon!

  2. We hope your ear and your hot spot are better soon. Ouchies are sure no fun.
    What a beautiful portrait of you! Chewy is just the bestest!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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