Again? Already?!

Mom says it's time again. My hairs are getting pretty long and I'm looking pretty shaggy.

Shaggy? Me?! Ha!
She says it's time for a good ol' trip to the groomers, just in time for the coming Holidays. Make me look all presentable again.

 Presentable? Is THIS her idea of presentable?!

(Photo of September's grooming)
Just look at me! Grooming always makes me all poofy...and cute! Yuck! I'm a boy dog, I don't do cute! And I especially do NOT do poofy bracelets...or at least I should not have to do poofy bracelets.

Maybe I can convince Mom to trade the bracelets in for a mohawk or something really super cool like that come my grooming appointment this Friday!

Yeah...a mohawk would be pawesome...!!!


  1. You would look awesome with a mohawk, Wesley! Unfortunately, the hoomans are not as adventurous as us doggies are!
    We can't wait to see your new do!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Poodle and grooming go hand in hand-I can it "Diva Dude" time for Niko!


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