November already?

Hope everyone out there had a really super awesome good Howl-o-ween!

 Though I didn't join in on any of happenings around blogville, I DID drop by many to peek at what was going on! It all looked like some wicked fun, and mom has made a note that next year we are most definitely going to be getting in on it!

As for my Howl-o-ween at home...we got NO trick-or-treaters. None. At all! Mom was pretty disappointed about it and mumbling about what an awful 'trick' it was.

So...since mom got the 'trick' of trick or treat...guess who got the actual treat?

That's right! This dog right here!

You may have noticed it yesterday in the picture I posted, but it's a new collar! Not that my old one was very old, but mom is wishy-washy and likes to shop and LOVES to shop for me and so I got a new collar!

She got me this one from a place online she said is called Etsy, maybe it's a place you've heard of? I've peeked over her shoulder while she browsed around on her ipad and there seems to be LOTS of awesome stuff there!

Anyway, this came from a shop called Dueleys Duds. I've only had it on me for one whole day, and so far I'm digging it! The wide-ness of it was an experiment on mom's part to see how it would look. She likes it, but she's not so sure she's completely crazy about it because of the width. Oh well, live and learn!

We still do like it lots, and I plan on wearing it for a loooooooong time...or at least until mom decides she's bored with it and wants something new! (Note from Mom:....Which might be sooner rather then later...I've got an eyeball on a few super cute ones out there for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Hehehe!)


  1. The collar is great and looks good. We dont have many kids at our house either which is fine with me.


  2. You look so handsome in your new collar, Wesley! Our mom has a thing for collars and she LOVES Etsy and goes there all the time. She'll be checking out your other link too!
    BTW, we didn't have an trick-or-treaters either.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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