My furs are gone!

Furcut day for me! Efurrybody can now see my handsome face!

Sometimes I furget how handsome a pup I am with all my furs on. I mean, I'm always handsome, but without all the fur on my face I'm really super pawesome handsome.
That's not all though, it looks like my plan to help Mom with her eye doctor appointment worked becayse while I was at the grooming place she made her appointment. See?! I knew she just needed a little extra help to make it!
You're welcome, Mom!
After I got all handsome we went to one of my favoritest places: Honey's house! Mom had got us a new rope tug toy...but Honey is such a good tear-er-upper that it didn't last long. That's ok, now we have TWO rope toys!

Well, one rope toy and one rope toy knot end. We both like the knot end best...Honey likes to tease me with it though.

Blurry action shot (Mom was figuring out the settings on poppa's camera-thing)! I've got it and Honey can't have it! Honey has it!

 Honey is a meanie tease when she gets the knot! She'll come riiiiiiight up to me and show me how fun it is...then won't let me have it!
No fair, Honey!

Of course I'm super-duper quick (at obedience I ran a recall to my mom from 25ft in 3 seconds! WHOA!) so it's not long before I snatch it...then the real fun begins!
HA! Got it!

Now just give it to me, Honey! It's my turn!
OH YEAH! One more 'member Veterans day the other day and I though Mom mean my doggie doctor? Then it didn't mean the same thing at all? Mom talked about THAT kind of doggie doctor! She said that she made me an appointment for next month to have me neutered.

Should I be alarmed?

The vet is bad enough...but what does that 'neutered' word mean? Does anypup know?


  1. You look so handsome with your new do, Wesley!
    I, Mitch, got neutered when I was 5 months old and I didn't even have to spend a night away from home. It's easy peasy - don't worry!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Yep, those Poodles has the fur thing going. Niko is going to get a little grooming tomorrow.He's getting a little shaggy around the muzzle. Wesley, you look great!


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