Mmmmm Cookies!

Who doesn't love a really good, yummy cookie?

How about not just any really good yummy cookies but cookies that are made with all organic, human-grade ingredients? How about if all the ingredients used are no-questions asked, 100% immediately recognizable?

Sounds like a really tasty deal, doesn't it?

Image belongs to Paw Street Bakery!

Paw Street Barkery (previously known as The Barker's Dozen) is a small gourmet, all organic dog treat company located in Chicopee, Massachusetts. This company was founded back in 2008 after it's founders noticed a need for a dog treat company where people could trust that the treats they were feeding to their more furry family members were safe.

Earlier in the month Paw Street Barkery got in touch with me and was super kind in asking if I'd be interested in taste testing one or two products of the treats that they offer.

For this review, they sent me THREE different types of delicious treats: Woofie PiesSweet Paw-tato treats, and Blueberry Bone-anza treats.

Momma set out a nice cookies tray for me, complete with a nice tall little glass of ice-cold milk water.

They all looked so good to me, but I have to admit that the one that caught my nose first was the Blueberry Bone-anza! I grabbed that one first, and headed to the floor to properly crunch on it!

And when I say 'Crunch!', I mean 'CRUNCH!' These treats are by no means soft and chewy, these are super crunchy hard!

I really enjoyed the Blueberry Bone-anza treats, and was very excited to give a try to the next treat in line, the Sweet paw-tato ones!

But first, some of that nice cold milk water to waste down the first, and to cleanse my palate!

These Sweet paw-tato treats were JUST as good as...and as crunchy as!...the Blueberry Bone-anza treats!

After those two winners I couldn't wait to try my last cookie...the Woofie Pie...but then I learned that I WOULD have to wait, because Momma thought it might be nice if I were to share those ones with Honey the next time we went visiting her and Poppa.

Well...I guess getting TWO cookies out of three isn't so bad...but I can't wait to get to go see Poppa and Honey again so I can get my jaws around that third cookie!

((Disclaimer: We were not compensated, save for some free product, for the writing of this post. The Paw Street Barkery banner photo at the top of this post belongs to Paw Street Barkery, I just borrowed it for the purpose of this post. ))


  1. We agree, two out of three is pretty darn good! Those cookies look so good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Look at you sitting pretty at the table with your own plate full of cookies and a water glass! You are one lucky boy, Wesley, and those cookies look delicious!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Great job on the testin. Those sure do look yummy!

  4. How could she possibly make you wait? It doesn't get much worse than that ;)

  5. Bet mom would even eat those things. Where's the milk!
    Lily & Edward

  6. Oh, you got the same flavors as I did! Weren't they super yummy???


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