And the results....

 So yesterday without much warning Momma went ahead and brought some torture devices groomers sheers from Petsmart.

She seemed to think that I was beginning to look pretty unkempt, and had decided that to pay to get me groomed every-so often just wasn't doing it for her financially.

Pre-torture grooming! 

She watched a lot of videos the day before, and while I didn't think anything of it then now I realize they were how-to's on poodle torture grooming!

Are instructional videos like that even legal to be out?! I think they shouldn't be!

Anyway...what was the result of all this?

Momma seems pretty pleased with how it all went down...with the exception of my nails. Now that all my warm-foot fur is gone, she can see just how long they really are - "way too long, Wes!".

She says next up on her list of things for me is a nail-grinding dremel thing, because if she's gonna go as far as clipping me down she should learn to do that, too!

I think she's gone crazy, and would really just like all my hair back!



  1. Great job, mom!!! Our mom cut and dremels our nails. Yuck!

  2. Oh sorry dude...Ma does that to me too!!!! I mean, what is wrong with long curly furs anyhu??!!
    And you're right..those videos should be against the LAW!!! They put ideas into peeps heads that really shouldn't be there!
    Ma tried that dremel thingie on me, and I wasn't havin' ANY of it!!! She has to take me to the vetties and have them do it.
    Wells, I do have to say, you do look FABulous!!! Butts if you want me to bring over some glue.....
    Ruby ♥

  3. OMD Wes….. she has gone crazy. Here's what you gotta do…. find da torture device and bury it in your backyard (where she'll never find it). Got it?

  4. Hi WEs, nice to meet you. thanks for dropping by my blog today and here is the answer about the blue bandana.

    (A few years ago we did a test to see what color was most noticable from the air. Red and Orange looked like the dark shadows, green just blended with the forest floor and trees, White was often confused with large boulders and rocks, but BLUE was like a bright shinining star from the ground. Blue is the most un-natural color to be seen from the sky looking down on the earth)

    HOpe to get to see you again soon

  5. I new this wuz gonna happen! Axfurly yu look Great!

    Mommy *tries* to groom/torture me too. Problem is, my ears need to be shaved. She's not good with that. An the Insides o' my ears gotta be plucked (yanked) out. No way!
    Oh an the hairs 'tween my cute lil paw pads needs to be trimmed up.
    Like that is efur gonna happen.

    But yur Mom did good!

  6. Hey Wesley.... we think your mom did GRRREAT fur her FURST time EVER.

    Now about the Dremmel thingy... could we make a tiny suggestion? Have your mom take you to a Pawsalon somewhere... that actually USES a Dremmel thingy... to see how YOU like it... WE love OURS... butt those thingys Freak some of us out... even more than those nice new BUZZard Clippers that your mom used on you.

  7. Your mom did an awesome job, Wesley! You look even more handsome if that's possible!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. We love the way your pile of hair looks. Your mom did a good job on you too.


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