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My momma has a bit of a problem with grocery store magazines. Not the ones plastered with celebrities, or alien abductions, or soap opera news or any of that. The magazines that she has a problem with looks more like this:

They always have super delicious looking foods on them, and lots and lots of delicious recipes inside. Recently momma has decided that she wants to cut out lots of boxed processed foods, so when she saw the magazine in the store she works in she just had to pick it up to add it to her already massive collection of other identical magazines.

When she started reading through the magazine, she came across this page:

A recipe for her to try for me!  I was so excited when she showed me...and then she made me wait FOREVER a whole week before finally looking at me this morning and saying it was time!

First thing she did was brown up the ground beef, and then while that was cooling she chopped up the kale in her little food processor and got everything else ready. Then into one bowl it all went to be mixed together before she turned it out onto the counter. It easily came together in one nice mass, and rolled out pretty easy too!

Then it was time for her to roll it out and cut it into smaller pieces.

At this point it already smelled soooo good, and I was giving her my best 'please please pleeeeeaaaase' eyes that she couldn't resist and let me have a taste of the dough!

Ohhh it was soo good, too, but she refused to give me anymore until they were all done. There were two trays, and each had to cook for about 15 minutes. When she pulled them out I was so excited and all ready for one of my fresh baked treats...but she said they were too hot and I'd have to wait even longer while they cooled off.

It took forever!!! didn't take so long for them to cool off, and once they did I was do ready to try them!

(Wes' Momma: He's a funny pup. Even after I released him from his 'wait' cue to grab a treat, he wouldn't grab one! He would nose around them, lick them...but wouldn't take one. Not until I grabbed one and handed it to him! lol)

Oh the wait for these was so long...but it was soo worth it!

Since it's so nice today, Momma says we're going to head over to one of our favorite places to walk in a bit, and she promises to take bunches of these treats so I can have some snacks while walking!

I can't wait!

OH! And there's one more thing...

Wanna try these for yourself, no baking needed? Momma has decided that she'll make a whoooole 'nother batch next Tuesday for one of my furiends here in Blogville! Momma is really super sorry for this part, but this giveaway will be open to USA furiends only because she's not at all sure about how to go about sending things to further away places. 

One day she promises to figure that out so all my furiends can participate in these things!

She's gonna use good 'ol rafflecopter for this, so just put in your entry and cross your paws cause these are reallllly good! And hey, even if in a week things don't work out...use your best please eyes on your own people and maybe they can make you some, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway I'm also including this post in Kol and Sugar's Tasty Tuesday blog hop, so click on one of the links below to see what other tasty things are happening today!


  1. Those look really good...momma cooks for us once a week and then adds it to our dry food that we eat, it has carrots, green beans, brown rice and meat. we are spoiled our dad says, he also says we eat better than he does.
    maybe HE needs one of those yummy cookies you made.
    stella rose

  2. OMD Wesley those look MARVELOUS...
    sorry about HER making you WAIT and WAIT and WAIT... fur like 87 hours though. WHY do Peeps do that? SO SILLY. Thingys should happen NOW.
    You are sooooo lucky that your mom cookers fur you like that buddy.

  3. Oh, those look FABulous Wesley!! and I can't believes that your Moms is sooooo sweet that she's gonna makes a whole batch to share??!! Wows..can I move in? BOL
    Ruby ♥

  4. Oh man does that look like tasty stuff
    Lily & Edward

  5. Oooo! A treat giveaway! I'm having a treat giveaway, too! Sign me up!

  6. Lovin' your "please please" eyes, I got that stare down too!

  7. What a great healthy treat. LOVE all the ingredients. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  8. Our mom never bakes treats just for us! You have us drooling, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Kale? Whut the hale is kale?
    BOL! I crack myself up sumtimes.

    Those look super yummy, even if they do got green stuff in 'em


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