More hiking!

When Momma said this was going to be a year for hiking, she wasn't kidding around! We went hiking again today...a whole 6 miles!
And this time we weren't alone...Poppa came with us! He even got some new hiking boots for this 'hiking year'!

Brand new hikers...aren't they pretty!
We were also in NJ for this hiking trip, but not in the Delaware Water Gap like last time. Nope, this time it was somewhere else, one of the many natural reservation areas around. 

First thing conquered...this old fallen tree!

Spring is still young yet, and there really wasn't much color around...still lots of 'brown and drab' yet. Momma did find a few pretty things among all that though.

Me among some stinky plants Momma said were called skunk cabbage. Ew.

Pretty yellow flower. Momma looked it up and thinks this is called a 'trout lilly'. Funny, it doesn't look anything like Miss. Lily, or a trout either! 

Small little white flowers, maybe wild strawberry? Mom wasn't sure! 

The hike was nice, and there were some parts that we very flat and we did pass, or were passed, by some mountain bikers and joggers. On these flat portions I play chase with Poppa!

Of course he just couldn't outrun me! I may be small, but I am FAST. Maybe I was a greyhound in a previous life?

Of course, our hike wasn't always so nice and smooth. There were parts that were much more rocky and climb-y.

And there were even some really super muddy parts since we had some rain last night. Momma made fun of Poppa when we came to these...because he didn't want to get any mud on his new hiking boots! 

Avoiding even the tinyest but of mud!

Of course, there were some points where the mud was just excessive...

We did see one deer on this hike, too, but Momma wasn't fast enough with the camera for this one. We did see evidance of what Momma said were beavers, though. this what a beaver smells like?
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And something that Momma is very glad we didn't meet face to face! 

All in all...our hike was super fun and if this is going to be my summer...I am one lucky dog!

Oh hey, I even got a picture with Momma, taken by Poppa!

Hope everyone else's Saturday was as fun-filled as mine!


  1. Now that is a Saturday that we call FUN!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Great hikin spot! Fur sure, don't wanna meet up with a bear critter! Yikes!

  3. Oh. My. Dog. You is my neighbor ofur there in Pencilvania! And your mom knows my mom's bloggie. And you hike! How pawsome is that? I is trying to figure out where you was hiking in Noo Joisey and I see white and blue blazes but I nothing is coming into my brain. You will just has to tell me. And wowser, either you is furry furry tiny or that beeber was furry furry GIANT! Those is some big teef marks on that beeber tree.

    Your new furrend Shawnee the Shepherd

    1. Yup, I guess we are neighbors! My momma loves your momma's guys seem to have been just about everywheres there is to hike in our local area! In this case we were at the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation. We started on the yellow trail by the Saffin Rock-Rill area, followed the blue highlands trail for a bit, jumped on the white beaver trail and then finshed a loop back on yellow again! It was LOADS of fun.
      Momma says we'll be doing LOTS more hiking to come....lots of places you've probably already seen, Shawnee!


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