A review and an update!

Am I being missed yet?

Cause I know I'm missing Blogville a whole lot! Momma still hasn't gotten a new computer thing, and even though she has been at Poppa's since last posting she hasn't gotten the chance to allow me to do any blogging!

Thankfully we're back at Poppa's, and today she got a chance!

A chance to blog and even more, the chance to UPDATE my blog! Goodbye cold-blue winter theme...hello spring!

Here's a picture of some pretty flowers Momma took outside today!

Speaking of spring, I hope it's FINALLY managed to arrive for all my furiends and that you are all enjoying the flowers and warmth! Here's a little collage Momma made of some of the things I've been up to this past two-ish weeks.

You know what else spring means....MY BARKDAY! Which, as it happens, was yesterday!

That's right blogville, as of yesterday I am one whole year old! BUT did we celebrate at all?

NO! Now how rude is that?! Momma promises me something good today...AFTER she first puts me through torture via taking me to be groomed later!
I don't think I should ever forgive her for this...FIRST my birthday is ignored and treated like any  other NORMAL BORING day...and TODAY I have to be groomed!

Absolutely 100%, not fair!

Momma is going to need to really work on making this up to me...maybe with lots of treats....LOTS and LOTS and LOOOOOOTS of them.

AND I already know the perfect ones, too!

Earlier this month we got our email from the most awesome Mr.Andrew at Chewy.com offering us one of a half-dozen products to try for this month! After lots of internal debating since there was so much good stuff being offered...Momma chose for me....

Evo's Wild Cravings Red Meat Formula treats! These treats have more ingredients and vitamins (for a full list of all the added vitamins and minerals, you have to go the Evo website for these treats, as chewy simplifies it on their treat page to just saying 'vitamins and minerals'.) added to them then Momma usually looks for in treats for me...but she decided to give them a go since they come in a heafty 20oz size bag! WHOA! That's lots of treats...more then enough for me to share with my best friend Honey!

These treats come in four different shapes and aren't exactly small ones...but they do break apart pretty easily and don't do to much crummbling in the process. To Momma's nose they don't have to much of a smell...but to Honey and me they smell completely mouth wateringly delicious! 

Myself and Honey couldn't wait to try them out!

After the initial taste (or two) Honey and I held a quick discussion about the taste and texture of these treats, and what sort of rating we think they should have.

Together, we decided these treats deserve a rating of 'completely, 100% pawesome and delicious!'

So if you'd like to give these treats a try for yourself you should convince your pawrent to head on over to Chewy.com to get a bag for yourself!

(Note: We were given one free bag of treats to give an honest review on, and were in no way compensated otherwise. All opinions are 100% our own and 100% honest.)



  1. We are glad you stopped by so wesa knows you are all okay...we love that new header.
    stella rose

  2. Hey, it's real Springy round yur doggie bloggie!
    Happy belated birthday! Yu fur sure deserve sumfin real special!
    Oh an my deer jerky wuz made locally in the town by my farm we're gonna be movin to. Not sure where yu might find it anywheres else. 'Cept if yur mom gets a venison beast an makes jerky fur yu!

  3. WOWSA! Those treaties look delish fursure guys!! I'm gonna have Ma keep a look out for them
    Oh, and YES!! You have been missed terribly! It sure is good to see your handsome face!
    Ma knows abouts puter problems...she just yells HBO words at it and hits it once in a while....I don't recommend it thou...bol
    Ruby ♥

  4. AWWWWwwwww Happy BELATED Birfday to you Wesley ♫ ♫ ♫ We can NOT believe that "SHE" did NOTHINGY fur your big day... except to take you to the Water Boarding Spa. THAT is just SOOOOOO WRONG.
    It has been warm here... butt fur the next 5 mornings we WILL have FROST... Frost is OKAY... just as long as there is NO MORE SNOW. RIGHT?
    Love the look of your blog... at LEAST..."SHE" did Somethingy Right. Just sayin.

  5. Happy Birthday, Wesley! We absolutely love your new blog header photo!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Wesley! Those treats look delish.

  7. Happy belated birfday! Ya deserves a million bajillion treats for it being ignored!

  8. No birthday celebration? What is going on over there? Not fair at all. I am glad you loved those treats from Chewy.com...I got the same brand but in herring flavor. If your mom think yours stink, she should smell the herring. BOL
    Happy Wednesday (and Happy belated Birthday),

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My turn to come by and say hello :)


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