Mischief Monday - Overdue Review!

Does it count as mischief if it's something that's really badly overdue?

Like, say, a review?

Back forever ago in the beginning of August Momma got an email from a Miss. Abby wondering if we'd like to do a review on Viva La Dog Spa products. Never one to miss out on trying something nifty and new, Momma said 'Yes, please!'

The stuff to try came quick after that...but then of course things started to happen (ie: Momma's camera ka-puting, the computer issues, my Pop Pop..all that) and my blogging...and reviewing...wound up taking a backseat to it all.

With everything getting back in order now, Momma said it was about time we got to that review!

...with, of course, apologies to Miss. Abby and those at Viva La Dog for it's extreme tardiness.

So anyway, what is this Viva La Dog stuff that we were so kindly sent to test out?

The two things sent to use were Viva Dog Facial Wipes, and Gold Medal Pets Oatmeal Soothing Dog shampoo. ((Wes' Momma: The shampoo confused me a bit, not being a Viva La Dog Spa product. Came to find out that Gold Medal Pets IS a sibling brand of Viva La Dog Spa, the share the same parent company - Cardinal Pet. ))

First things first. let's talk about those Viva Dog Facial Wipes! 

Information on the back of the jar!

One thing about being a poodle...we are kinda know for having some gunky eyes sometimes, and I am no exception. It's not super obvious in my photos since I have a black face, but many times there are bits of gunky goo hanging out by the inner corner of my eyes. Ewwie!

Now, Momma has no pictures of these wipes in action, because I am not much of a fan of having my face wiped down and trying to do THAT and snap a photo just wasn't happening. No matter how many times she tried...and she did try!

For some reason, the crazy woman seems to really really like these things on me and I am forced to have my face wiped whenever she sees gunk gathering. If I HAVE to have my face wiped though, I suppose these aren't awful. The pads, made from soft spun cotton flannel, are nice and soft and they do smell awfully nice and fresh!

Despite what I think, Momma has told me that this is something she will most definitely be buying for me again in the future once this jar is out. Well, I suppose if I must have my face wiped down every now and again, these seem to be the best of the best of this type of torture product so I really shouldn't complain about them too much.

So now....what about that Gold Medal Oatmeal Shampoo?

...annnnd information from the back of the shampoo bottle!

One of the first things that caught Momma's eye about this shampoo was it's claim to get the job done  faster then other shampoos out there due this Cardoplex complex stuff. According to the bottle, it would wash, rinse and help me get dry faster!

I don't know about this, Momma...

Well...unfortunately for me...there was really only one way to find out if any of these claims were true...

Momma grabbed the shampoo, the camera, Poppa, and myself and up into the bathroom we went...

And I was put through the torture of a bath! The good news though? The product really DID seem to wash me up quickly, and rinsed off very easy. So far, two of it's three claims on things happening faster and therefor less stress-y seemed to be true! This was good news!

Now, the only thing to test out was drying time...would I really dry faster?

Momma hauled me out of the tub and toweled me off as well as she could and then it was just time to wait and see about these faster drying claims.

Towel dried!

Ya know what? These claims seemed to be more then just claims, they were TRUE! Momma didn't time it (and really she had meant to) but I did definitely seem to be 100% dry again much quicker using this product then any other shampoo product she had used on me before. Which was a double good thing, because my bath happened kinda later then Momma and Poppa had intended and they really weren't looking much forward to having to share bed with a soaking wet poodle!

So...all in all what do Momma and I think about these two products?

Well...overall maybe I should let Momma share her opinion more then mine as face-wiping and baths are just not my favorite things ever!

Wes Momma: I really like these two products. The wipes are wonderful and in the time I've started using them I've noticed a difference in how many times I have to wipe gunk from Wes' face - a decrease in times! They are also nice and soft and smell really good. As stated above, this wipes are going to become a staple item here in the house for poodle face clean up.   The shampoo was also a very well like product that did everything it claimed to! This, too, may have just made it's way to my go-to list for bathtime!

Thanks for checking out our review of both the Viva La Dog Spa Dog Facial Wipes and the Gold Medal Pets Oatmeal Shampoo!

...and once again to Miss. Abby...we are so so sooooo sorry for the long delay!

((Disclaimer: For this review we were in no way monetarily compensated, but we were sent one of each of the two products (Viva La Dog Spa Dog Face Wipes and Gold Medal Pets Oatmeal Shampoo) referenced in this post. All opinions expressed about these two products are 100% own own.))

For this post we are also liking up with Snoopy's Dogblog for the Monday Mischief blog hop!


  1. So sorry you had to endure face wiping and a bath, but you were a good sport about it. And you look awesome!

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  2. Facial wipes?!!!! Oh dear, you poor thing! BOL! Great review!

  3. Great review! We've tried some of their products and love them.

  4. Harley loves to get baths - go figure! I am really interested in the face wipes. He too has to get his face cleaned daily, and those wipes sound like they would be perfect. Thanks for the tip and a great review!

  5. Harley loves to get baths - go figure! I am really interested in the face wipes. He too has to get his face cleaned daily, and those wipes sound like they would be perfect. Thanks for the tip and a great review!

  6. We just love your towel dried smile, Wesley! It sounds like your momma is sold on these products! Great review!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Sounds like Pike could use those! Love the new header!

  8. I have a feeling that if you got to select the review products it wouldn't have been gunk wipes and shampoo! Haha

    Glad the whole bath thing went quicker than normal though buddy! :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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