Fall Fun

 My momma's absolute favorite season is fall...and I'm finding out that it's mine too! Nice and cool out, lots of pretty colored leaves (which, I have to take Momma's word for as I can't see all the colors myself) and the smells!

Fall is pretty dang amazing. And you know what's realllllly fun?

Playing with the leaves!


  1. This is a grand season fur sure...
    We sometimes have Leaves... sticking in our FURS... from where we have been playing in them... THAT is really FUN when we drop them on the FLOOR.. and MOM has to pick them up. BaaaWaaah

  2. Hey Wesley... we just now saw your comment to us... THAT was so FUNNY...
    Dine and Dash Ducks.

  3. We love this time of year too! It makes us run faster
    Lily & Edward

  4. So I like hiking in the fall and stuffs but mom get the Vacula out LOTS coz those leaves follow me inside all the time. And sometimes if'n the leaf be stuck to poop and mom misses picking it up coz of leaf camo and I step in it... Well, I is sure your imaginations can finish the rest of that story, BOL!

  5. Fall's my favorite too, even though it doesn't feel much like it today!

  6. We love autumn and the leaves too, Wesley! What great photos of you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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