Bad news, Good news

Hello furiends! Hoping everyone has been doing well! Things here have been not-what-Momma-had-hoped. Paperwork and future planning got stopped by another ambulance trip for Momma's poppa to the hospital this past Saturday afternoon. It looks like he may be there for a bit of awhile again, though not as long as this past visit.

That is the bad news.

So what's the good news?

Momma got me a shiny new ID tag!

Sadly the reason she had to get me a new ID tag is because my old one, along with all my other tags (rabies vac and license) managed to disappear along with the clip they were all on. Whoops.

So Momma has been working on getting me some tags back.

The first place she turned to for my ID tag was one of her favorite places to browse, Etsy. When she searched she found lots of awesome tags and she had a really hard time picking just one, but when she did it was this design  from WooWooWorkshop.

She made the payment on the tag on April 27th, and by May 7th she was pulling it out from the mailbox.

The tag is very lightweight, but is pretty sturdy. I've only been wearing it a week, and so far haven't been put a scratch on bend on it. In another month let's see if I've managed to change that! BOL

Chilling out in the grass...doesn't this tag look good on me?!
Other then just getting a new tag...there's a bit more good news! Momma, Poppa and I will be going on a weekend mini-vacation type thing this weekend! Yup, we'll be headed down by Wildwood, NJ to spend some much-needed relax time on the beach!

Woofie, I just can't wait! 

(Wes's Momma Note: This whole past week where my father has been home has been super stressful, and it all came to a head Saturday afternoon when I was able to get him to the hospital. Previous to then I had tried to convince the man to go and actually called 911 and had the EMTs at the house Friday night...but he refused to go. And they couldn't take him against his wishes. At this point he was very ill, with high ammonia levels in his blood and all sorts of other levels off as well. Currently he is doing well in hospital, but from everything I have been told it may be awhile again...and we also don't have an answer as to why this happened yet. More then Wes, I am very much looking forward to this is needed after a very stressful week.)


  1. Hope everything goes more smoothly! Nice tag, Wesley!

  2. We hope your grandpa gets better soon. Have fun on your vacation.

  3. Your new tag looks perfect on your, Wesley! We hope your momma's Poppa gets to go home soon.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Keepin yu in our thoughts.
    Have a restful weekend an hope the Poppaman gets to feelin better.

    Luv the new tag!

  5. WE are so sorry that your Grandpa got so sick. We have our paws crossed that he will be well SOON.
    THAT is a really cool tag. Sorry you lost all your impawtant stuffs. We think that you had your Collar PICKED by those Squirrels... they are all Criminals.

  6. We will keep all our feets crossed
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh sorry to hears about your Gpa, butts it sounds like that he also needs son R&R in the hospital place to gets better. Gives your Moms some snuggles and kisses..sounds like she could use some extra TLC!
    Oh, that tag is PAWSOME!!! Wows! Almost worth losin' the old ones! BOL
    Tell your Moms to have lots of funs this weekend and lots of margaritas!!
    Ruby ♥


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