Black and White Sunday

Been awhile since anyone has seen Mom and I around, hasn't it? Well, since January when Mom decided that we could blog again things happened and her will to help me out with it sort of went down the tubes.

There have been many times where, even with moods down tubes, Blogville and all it's wonderful citizens have been in her thoughts...but she just couldn't seem to pull up the will to help me make the trip back.

I've convinced her for today to visit (after all I have important things to say and show everyone even if she does not) and I'm hoping that it helps her fully remember what a beautiful, fun place Blogville is so we can come back full-time again.


  1. Oh yeah, Blogville can be a fun place. Hope she remembers, so We can hear about some of your adventures.

  2. OMD!! WESLEY!!!! Good to see you dude!!! Hey, we all knows that the peeps get 'Blog fatigue', and gets all lazy and don't post much (you hearin' this Ma??!! ) butts you gotta keep on their arse, and just gets them on the puter and post a most FABulous pic of you like that one! See...easy peasy!
    Glad to see you! And I hopes everything is okay with your Moms!
    Ruby ♥

  3. We are so happy to see you, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Blogging does easily end up on the backburner, doesn't it? Hope all is well with y'all, and happy spring!

  5. You're looking good Wesley. Glad to have you checking in. Our mom doesn't blog for us as much as we would like, but we just go with the flow and are happy with whatever she does.


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