Flashback Friday....

Flashback, because Momma's camera is still not working (and probably won't be until she get a new battery (At least for starters!)) and so has no fun new pictures of yours truely to share.

How far shall we flashback? How about...April! The beginning of spring, since we are starting to head into the beginning of another colorful season, Autumn!

In April the Hyacinths were blooming so pretty and fragrant!

Daffodils, too! Bright and cheery!

...and whatever these purple ground-cover flowers are!

You know what else September means? It's my half-year birthday mark! As of today I am exactly 1.5 years old.

Happy half-birthday to me!

...does that also mean Momma owes me a half-birthday cake?


  1. A half birthday is a perfect reason for cake! And presents. And extra treats! Then again, any day is a good day for those...

  2. Happy 1.5 years old, Wesley! Of course that means cake!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Sure thing, happy haf birthday!
    Whut kinda cake are yu gonna get?

  4. OH SPRING.... WE ADORE spring... It is our FAVORITE time of the entire year.

    THANK YOU fur reminding us of SPRING's BEAUTY.

    YESSSSSssssssssss Indeed your mom DOES owe you 1/2 a birfday cake.


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