January 30, 2015

Makin' Tracks

We got a bit more snow this morning, about two more inches. Nice, soft and fluffy!

I do love me some good snow...it's lots of fun to run around in...

...and I do mean run, that stuff is COLD so you have to have you're good time in it FAST.

Love making tracks in the snow!

January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Mom wanted to dry me off...I thought a game of tug sounded much more fun!

Joining in today on Blogpaw's Wordless Wednesday blog hop!

January 27, 2015

Blizzard Bust.

 So Blizzard Juno ended up not being so big and scary for me here at home in PA. We only got about three inches overnight, and it was super light and fluffy snow. My dad in NJ, about an hour away, got about seven inches.

It's quite a lot less then we all thought we were going to be getting! But I'm not complaining...and neither is my mom.

All told between our snowstorm on Friday night and this we probably have a bit more then a foot of snow on the ground. For January, that's not awful at all. NOTHING like the craziness last year when it was piled super high and over my head.

We didn't go out a lot today to play in it, though, because it was very cold and I started shivering and lifting my poor cold paws up within just a few minutes. I do have a jacket that I was wearing...and my mom did recently get me boots...but she got them a size too small and we need to exchange them.

Until you go change my boots for the right size, maybe I can wear my mom's to play in the snow...or do you think these are too big?

So instead of playing out in the snow, we spent a lot of time playing and cuddling inside. 

Honestly, more cuddling then playing, as mom said she is feeling kind of energy drained today. Of course, she wasn't drained enough of energy to be sticking the camera in my face more thena few times throughout the day!
I'm sleeping mom...what do you want?

January 26, 2015

It's 'snow' much fun!

The picture above shows how much snow we have in the yard at home in PA from the last snow storm (which happened Friday night.)

If you look at the picture closely, you can see it's snowing lightly again as mom took the picture. It was snowing that way all day, and overall we got about two inches.

The picture below Mom took before she swept off the stairs so you can see how much.

Now overnight it's said we're going to get another few inches, which isn't bad. Since Mom has off from work tomorrow, she's actually kind of excited about it.

We know some of our furiends are in the areas expecting lots more...and to them we say stay safe and warm through this storm!

January 20, 2015

Coming, Mom!

It all starts with a 'Wesley, sit. Stay.'

And then mom walks away.

And I'm left all alone...but then she calls out to me...


...and I start running!

At times, I almost fly!

January 17, 2015

Sepia Saturday...also...Mom fails...

Yeah, she does...at least at challenges and deadlines! Friday she was supposed to have a picture all set up and ready to go for The Lazy Pit Bull's 52 Snapshots of Life weekly challenge.

Did she have one? No! And after I was so very nice last week to tell her she could post those things up on Fridays! Now, that's not to say she didn't try to get a photo...but she just hasn't gotten one she likes that she feels goes well with the theme for week three, 'Joyful'.

She says she hasn't given up yet, though...and she at least has until this coming Thursday to get it right. BOL

...I told her maybe you're just to picky...she asked me if I felt like eating that night. BOL

Anyway...that's how Mom fails!

Now only fun stuff, like Ruckus the Eskie's Sepia Saturday Blog hop!

My best friend at my dad's house is his standard poodle, Honey. My best friend here at home is my mom's sister's cat, Fiona. We just love to rough house and have a good time. The photo above is one mom caught after I was nosing her in the side trying to entice her to play...but she was much to comfy in the sun spot. I got a smack to the side of the face instead!

It's ok though, cause in the end I won and we wound up having a good game of chase and seek soon after!

As I mentioned, this is a blog hop!

January 14, 2015

January 13, 2015

What is a Beam?

"A beam is a glow, 
or ray of light - 
to glimmer or shine,
to laugh or smile"
- found on the side side of a box of The Honest Kitchen Beams treats

Beams is also the name of the type of treat I got to taste test today, thanks to the wonderful people at Chewy.com!

'Beams' are a treat made by a company by the name of The Honest Kitchen, a brand my mom has heard of many times but that we have never previously had the joy of trying out before. 

So now, what exactly are these Beams things? Oh look, here it is - the ingredients list!

Dehydrated Catfish Skins and...
Wait...that's it?! Seriously - that's all? That's pawesome!

Well, that's all I really need to know! Mom, don't you think it's about time we got to the very best part of this review? The taste test! So how about you open up that box and give me one?

Wes' Mom: I so love this picture...since I took it I laugh every time I look at it! Wesley looks like such a creeper on these treats! LOL
Now, mom...did you HAVE to post that photo? I know you really like the fact that they come in a nice little zip lock bag...but really! 


I have to say....these things are absolutely crazy delicious and I am just in love...after just one! Mom love finding treats that I love, and she loves even more when the ingredients are simple with no fillers or any kind of questionable add-ins. 

The one thing that mom thinks might be a problem for some people (but I think is just another one of it's greatest parts!) is that these treats are really, super fishy smelly.
Considering that they are really nothing but dehydrated fish skins, mom was pretty prepared for that.

So...all in all...these treats?

I love them, very very much! Mom has already told me that she will definitely be getting these for me again once this first box is gone!

Trying to break into the box for more from the bottom!

((Disclaimer: All opinions shared in the review of this product are 100% our own, and in no way were we monetarily compensated for sharing them here on the blog or anywhere else. The only thing we received was a free box of The Honest Kitchen Beams chew treats for dogs.)) 


January 11, 2015

January 10, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} -Week 1 and Week 2

So here's a story about my mom. A few times over the past year she has said to me 'Wesley, you know what? 'I would really like to try one of those weekly photography challenges.' Usually this happened after she would run across one that was already in the midst of running. She's not a big fan of jumping into things that are already proceeding, so she would just sort of sigh and say 'well, one day.'

And then I found out about The Lazy Pit Bull's 52 Snapshots of Life !

As soon as this happened I  went to my mom and told her that someday is now today and to get her camera ready to point at something other then me. Heck, I was even so nice as to tell her I'd let her use my blog once a week for a treat or two to post her photo for the challenge!

Since The Lazy Pit Bull will be posting up a linky list each week on Friday, we decided that she would have that day to post her photo up as well. Now, today is Saturday which means she's a day behind for this week, and on top of that she already has a week prior to make up for! 

So now, with all that said...here goes my Momma and her photo stuff.


It's true, I have always wanted to give a shot to a photo challenge, so to be honest I am really super excited to participate in this one! 

I'm behind by one week, but this is ok.

I am definitely might even be cheating a little with this first post by including both the subject for Week One (which was 'New') along with the subject for Week Two (being 'Music') in one single photo.

The above photo is of my better half and Wesley's dad. He is amazingly musically inclined, and dabbles in quite a few instruments (I have seen him pick and play guitar, piano, I know that in school he played sax, he attempted to teach me clarinet and I am sure there is more that he can play at that in 5.5 years I haven't seen yet!) though his heart is that of a flutist.

I adore listening and watching him play, so when I saw the challenge for Week Two as 'Music' I knew there would be no other thing for me to base a photography on.

I got lucky, too, when I looked back at Week One's challenge of 'New'! The flute he plays in that photo is a brand new one he purchased for himself and just received via the mail a day before this photo was taken!

And there you have it...a photo that allows me to cheat kills two birds with one stone for The Lazy Pit Bull's 52 Snapshots of Life photography challenge!

Now as mentioned this is also a linky list...so please click on through and check out some of the other participants wonderful photos!

January 8, 2015

Making a comeback!

So it's looking more and more like I'm finally getting through to my mom and that a full blown return to Blogville is in progress! It involved a lot of being super good and even more use of THE LOOK then it really should have but in the end it looks like it's all going to be worth it!

My advanced techniques on getting-my-way in action!

I haven't really been around everyone's blogs to see what's been going on just yet - I'm sure I do have a lot of catching up to do! - but I hope that everyone has had a good holiday season and that the beginnings of 2015 have been good.

So far for us it has been SUPER DUPER cold, and I've been spending a lot of time sweater'd up and under covers. Of course it doesn't help that the other day, under the influence of cold medicine and before this super-cold snap, mom decided it would be a good idea to steal some of my furs. 

Some turned into a lot more then she really had meant to steal, and I've been sporting a real hack-job of a fur cut these days.

Thank Dogness it'll all grow back....just not soon enough!   

A few days ago we had some snow, but not a heck of a lot - the kind my mom says she really likes because it's enough to look pretty but not have to shovel. I admit, when it was falling it WAS fun to run around with Honey in it!

We had a grand time that day cause it was snowing but it wasn't too cold - nothing like today! 

Today, we're all staying inside and looking a lot like this:

January 7, 2015


Hello friends! I've been away from Blogville quite awhile, and I miss it. I've been working on convincing my mom that we should make a return...and I think I've finally done it!

Cross your paws for me that I actually HAVE done it, and that this is the first post of many for 2015!