August 30, 2014


Momma's first fur-kid and my favoritest fur-sister Baby looks pretty good in Sepia, doncha think?

Joining up today with my buddy Ruckus' Sepia Saturday blog hop!

August 29, 2014

Someone send help

 Cause momma picked up this from Petsmart today, and I can't imagine that it means anything good...

August 27, 2014

August 21, 2014

Mmmmm Cookies!

Who doesn't love a really good, yummy cookie?

How about not just any really good yummy cookies but cookies that are made with all organic, human-grade ingredients? How about if all the ingredients used are no-questions asked, 100% immediately recognizable?

Sounds like a really tasty deal, doesn't it?

Image belongs to Paw Street Bakery!

Paw Street Barkery (previously known as The Barker's Dozen) is a small gourmet, all organic dog treat company located in Chicopee, Massachusetts. This company was founded back in 2008 after it's founders noticed a need for a dog treat company where people could trust that the treats they were feeding to their more furry family members were safe.

Earlier in the month Paw Street Barkery got in touch with me and was super kind in asking if I'd be interested in taste testing one or two products of the treats that they offer.

For this review, they sent me THREE different types of delicious treats: Woofie PiesSweet Paw-tato treats, and Blueberry Bone-anza treats.

Momma set out a nice cookies tray for me, complete with a nice tall little glass of ice-cold milk water.

They all looked so good to me, but I have to admit that the one that caught my nose first was the Blueberry Bone-anza! I grabbed that one first, and headed to the floor to properly crunch on it!

And when I say 'Crunch!', I mean 'CRUNCH!' These treats are by no means soft and chewy, these are super crunchy hard!

I really enjoyed the Blueberry Bone-anza treats, and was very excited to give a try to the next treat in line, the Sweet paw-tato ones!

But first, some of that nice cold milk water to waste down the first, and to cleanse my palate!

These Sweet paw-tato treats were JUST as good as...and as crunchy as!...the Blueberry Bone-anza treats!

After those two winners I couldn't wait to try my last cookie...the Woofie Pie...but then I learned that I WOULD have to wait, because Momma thought it might be nice if I were to share those ones with Honey the next time we went visiting her and Poppa.

Well...I guess getting TWO cookies out of three isn't so bad...but I can't wait to get to go see Poppa and Honey again so I can get my jaws around that third cookie!

((Disclaimer: We were not compensated, save for some free product, for the writing of this post. The Paw Street Barkery banner photo at the top of this post belongs to Paw Street Barkery, I just borrowed it for the purpose of this post. ))

August 18, 2014 orange?!

So yesterday my Poppa and his brother decided to do something weird!

They decided to change Steven's (that's Poppa's brother's name!) silver colored car into an orange one!

It was a long, all-day process and Momma snapped pictures of it while I supervised. I wasn't happy about it, Momma tied my long line around a tree away from the action and out from where the breeze was blowing the smells of the stuff they were using.

Here are some of the pictures Momma took of the whole event!

First thing they had to do was to cover anyplace on the car they didn't want to spend forever peeling the paint stuff, Plastidip, off from.


Just about everything is covered!

Good job, guys! Looks good from here!

Once the car was properly covered, Steven pulled out this bucket of paint and mixed it up really good.

WOW! That's orange!

After it was properly mixed in it went into this spray-gun-machine thing. Him and Poppa put on these mask things, and then the re-coloring began!

The beginning of the end of the car being silver!

Poppa's job during this whole thing was as support/air-gun power-pack thing carrier. And to make sure his brother didn't get caught up in the hose!

All in all the car received five layers of this orange color as a base. Once five layers were on, Steven played color-mixologist!

Some more of the orange went into a big ol' bucket....along with this yellow and something they called a pearlizer that made it all kinda shiny.

Then into the spray thingie it went and they began to spray it right over top that other color!

Another five layers later and it was time to start pulling off all the taped up areas!

Some areas that had to have the plastidip stuff pulled off weren't taped up, mostly smaller this rear-light thing I'm helping Poppa to uncover. 

Yeah, I had the cone on for awhile face was just being so itchy! Especially after Momma and Poppa used the face wipe things on me again...

Plasti-dip peeling was really hard work. I decided maybe I was more suited to supervision and went to go sit with Momma...bonus! She took off my cone (since she said she could stop me itching myself if I stayed with her!) AND I had a great headrest on her leg!

The car was almost done and Poppa came over for a break to sit with Momma and me.

And this is Steven's car now! Kinda cool, huh?!

August 17, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture, Momma was not wanting to run downstairs to get her good camera.

Yes, I got cone'd.

On Friday Momma was looking at my freshly groomed face and noticed some irritation near my eye and mouth on one side of my face and wondered if she hadn't clipper burned me.

Yesterday it wasn't looking any better and actually a little bit worse, so she and Poppa decided to pack me up and take me to the V-E-T.

A prescription for some Cephalexin caplets, Douxo Chlorhexidine pads, and the dreaded cone of shame (so I can't rub the area on the carpet or scratch and make it worse!) and we were out.

I am no happy with Momma right now, I will hardly even look at her! Poppa I am slowly long as he keeps offering me treats.

Today I'm also going to link up with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

((Wes' Momma - This little dog is making me feel so bad, he looks so pathetic. Mistakes will be made by most people when trying something new, but since my grooming him caused this I feel super awful and I hope this little pooch forgives me for this whole debacle. Next time grooming time comes along I can guarantee that I will be much more careful about what I'm doing even though I really very much thought that I was being that way this first go around. ))

August 16, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Come on Mom, my blog isn't going to write itself!

Joining up today with Ruckus the Eskie on his Sepia Saturday blog hop!

August 15, 2014

And the results....

 So yesterday without much warning Momma went ahead and brought some torture devices groomers sheers from Petsmart.

She seemed to think that I was beginning to look pretty unkempt, and had decided that to pay to get me groomed every-so often just wasn't doing it for her financially.

Pre-torture grooming! 

She watched a lot of videos the day before, and while I didn't think anything of it then now I realize they were how-to's on poodle torture grooming!

Are instructional videos like that even legal to be out?! I think they shouldn't be!

Anyway...what was the result of all this?

Momma seems pretty pleased with how it all went down...with the exception of my nails. Now that all my warm-foot fur is gone, she can see just how long they really are - "way too long, Wes!".

She says next up on her list of things for me is a nail-grinding dremel thing, because if she's gonna go as far as clipping me down she should learn to do that, too!

I think she's gone crazy, and would really just like all my hair back!


August 14, 2014

Woohoo! Shopping!

Momma got paid today, and so we did a little shopping this morning! First we went into one of Momma's favorite local owner stores where she found Cloud Star treats on sale for buy one get one free...yummy!

Close to this store is Petsmart, so instead of driving we just walked down the strip! There were lots of people out and about today - it's so nice out! - Momma thought it would be a good time to work on my people skills (I can be shy and nervous, and barky because of it.)

With the help of Momma's pocket full of just purchases Cloud Star treats, I did GREAT! A few people even stopped to comment on how cute I was, and I did very good in taking a Momma-offered treat from them.

I was very excited when we finally got to Petsmart, I LOVE Petsmart and I always have to announce my arrival by barking it out. The employees there always laugh and say 'Wesley's here!'.

We spent a good deal of time in Petsmart, with Momma doing a lot of staring at grooming things... make me super suspicious.

Why are you looking at all that, Momma? I wondered.
After awhile she picked a few things up but wouldn't let me see what they all were...until we got home!

Come on Momma! What's in the bag?!?

Ok, I'll just look for myself then....



I really don't like the looks of this...

...well, I like the looks of the Pedigree Dentastix...but can't we just return everything else in the bag, as we have no use for it at all?


Well then, what are you going to go with it Momma? Donate it to some doggy in need?


On who?! Baby? Fiona?!?


Uh-oh...I KNEW being in the grooming section meant no-good!

August 13, 2014

August 10, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Momma and Poppa were hanging out in the kitchen, Poppa on his Ipad and Momma on her laptop, when Momma looked over and saw this. She seemed to be very glad that the camera was well withen reach and already set to shoot Black and White for today!

August 9, 2014

Sepia Saturday AND a VERY Happy Birthday!

For alllllll this week Momma and I get to stay over at Poppa's house...which means I get to play with Honey the whole week! Which is VERY exciting!

Already this morning we had a super fun game of chase and bitey-face!

Since Momma took the photo in stupendous sepia, we're linking up today with Ruckus the Eskie on his Sepia Saturday blog hop!


We have realized that today is a super special day for one of Blogville's sweetest citizens, Miss.Sugar the Golden Retriever! Today is Sugar's 13th birthday...isn't that awsome!? So for her birthday she has requested smiles from all her here are our smiles for you, Sugar!

Happiest Birthday Sugar!!!

August 7, 2014

Thursday Tricks

I'm no circus dog, but I do have a trick or two up my sleeve!




I also know sit, down, off (the bed, the chair, etc...), roll-over, fetch, jump up (into Momma's arms!), with me (instead of heel), and look at me (for when momma wants my attention!).

It's not a super impressive list...but Momma's happy with it and is always on the lookout for more things to teach me!

Training can be lots of fun!

August 5, 2014

Ok, I confess... regards to yesterday's post...I knew ALL ALONG who it was in my photos! 

Blogville, please meet my new kitty-cousin, Fiona. 

My aunt Sarah brought Fiona here to live with us about two weeks ago (ya know, during that period where my Momma was being a bummer head?). At first I wanted to chase and play with her, but Momma said she was just a little too little for the kind of rough play that I like, so I had to be supervised very carefully when I was around her.

Now, Fiona has already gotten bigger and the very careful supervision has toned down to  just normal supervision.


So far, I really like my new kitty-cousin! We have plenty of fun playing things like hide and seek and chase!

However while I'm finding Fiona to be lots of fun and we get on fur-sister, Baby, isn't so sure...

While Baby isn't being mean to Fiona or anything, she certainly doesn't seem to want to have much to do with her. Should Fiona get a little to close Baby gives her a good hiss and and warning grummble before just walking away.

I think it's just kind of her way of saying 'Damn kid!'

After all...she IS a senior kittizen and therfor a bit grouchy sometimes!


August 4, 2014

Mischief Monday - Who is that?!

No really...who is it?! First, hiding behind one of the leaves of Momma's plant in the living room...

Then playing a game of peek-a-boo with me around the corner of the kitchen...!

Then, after that this mystery someone tried to sneak up on my fur-sister Baby as she was watching out the window!

Really though Momma...who is that?!

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