Woohoo! Shopping!

Momma got paid today, and so we did a little shopping this morning! First we went into one of Momma's favorite local owner stores where she found Cloud Star treats on sale for buy one get one free...yummy!

Close to this store is Petsmart, so instead of driving we just walked down the strip! There were lots of people out and about today - it's so nice out! - Momma thought it would be a good time to work on my people skills (I can be shy and nervous, and barky because of it.)

With the help of Momma's pocket full of just purchases Cloud Star treats, I did GREAT! A few people even stopped to comment on how cute I was, and I did very good in taking a Momma-offered treat from them.

I was very excited when we finally got to Petsmart, I LOVE Petsmart and I always have to announce my arrival by barking it out. The employees there always laugh and say 'Wesley's here!'.

We spent a good deal of time in Petsmart, with Momma doing a lot of staring at grooming things...

...it make me super suspicious.

Why are you looking at all that, Momma? I wondered.
After awhile she picked a few things up but wouldn't let me see what they all were...until we got home!

Come on Momma! What's in the bag?!?

Ok, I'll just look for myself then....



I really don't like the looks of this...

...well, I like the looks of the Pedigree Dentastix...but can't we just return everything else in the bag, as we have no use for it at all?


Well then, what are you going to go with it Momma? Donate it to some doggy in need?


On who?! Baby? Fiona?!?


Uh-oh...I KNEW being in the grooming section meant no-good!


  1. RUN!!!!! Mom cut dads hair last night with clippers and now he has none..yes.none!!
    stella rose

  2. Ruh roh! Not the buzzy thingy! Run while you can!!! Good luck!!

  3. Love Cloud Star treats! Looks like a pawsome outing. I'd run from those clippers though ;)

  4. Hey Wesley... THAT was a super grrreat day out with your mom... until it all went to the Squirrels and Grooming section.

    We gotta tell you... we actually LIKE when our mom runs the BUZZard thingy on US.. it kinda Tickles... and we get a LOT of attention that way too.

  5. Run! Hide! Go invisible! Those groomin/torture things are NO Good!

    Good job on the makin nice 'round those peepoles.

  6. Here's the plus to groomies at home, Wesley - you don't have to be away from home for so long and you don't have to sit in a crate and wait your turn. You get special hugs and kisses from your mom the entire time and lots of treats too. Your mom being your groomer rocks - honest!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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