Was this really necessary?

In the bathtub? Uh-oh...I know what this means...

No...I'm mad at you, Momma, and refuse to talk to you. 

This is what I think of you right about now...

Ok...all soaped up, almost done. For this poodle's sake...put down the camera!

Cleaned, rinsed...now get me out of here and dry me off!

Semi dried...and very poofy.

Gee, thanks Momma. 


  1. OH WESLEY.... the HORROR of it. WHY?????? WHY do they insist on doing these thingys to us?

  2. I think you are like me and look better dry.

    I like da baths though.

  3. Pike and I are due for baths, but we don't mind!

  4. The drying off part is the best part of the bath!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Yeesh! An she takes piccies durin the hole stinkin thing!
    Poor Wesley!


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