May 31, 2014

Back to me!

So yesterday Momma made me post picture of our hike, but not one of them was of me! How rude is that...and it's even my blog! Well, today Momma promised we'd revisit that hike with all the pictures of ME!

You remember the photo of one single Red-Wing Blackbird on branches? Well, who do you think spotted him first? Bah! Not Momma!


And then, while she was all busy concentrating on the silly bird, I decided to check out the water.

wet poodle dog
Wes' Momma: What you can't see to well is that he's studded with little bits of duckweed from his dip!
After taking forever to get pictures of the bird, we walked on...and then my nose found something interesting on the side of the pathway....

Momma thought my dirty little butt hanging out of the bushes like that was kinda funny...and then I started rolling.

Which made her come over very quickly to see the dead turtle I had found.

After that she didn't think it was too funny anymore and she made us hurry on.

She did feel a bit better when we came to parts of the path lined with wild phlox, though. Momma says she's a sucker for pretty flowers!

Not long after the flowers we came to what Momma has decided to her new favorite place.

reflection of clouds in water nature
NOT of me. Momma your fibber!

This is now MY favorite place, too. Momma brought with us a small Kong squeeker ball for me to fetch with as we walked. She decided she would throw it into the water for me. At first, I wasn't so sure, I couldn't figure out how to get the ball. Then I had a few minutes where the ball would bob and spin as I tried to pick it up out of the water and that confused me.

poodle dog

But soon, since I'm a poodle and therefor super smart, I figured it out.

And then Momma started actually throwing it.

poodle dog fetch

poodle dog fetch

Momma says these are her favorite pictures of all the day, and she can't wait to go back to take some more with me.

I don't care about the picture taking, let's just go play some fetch!

May 30, 2014

Even more hiking...

So momma and I headed back to the Paulinskill Wildlife Management area again today so Momma could take lots and lots and LOTS of pictures again with her other, better camera lens.

Whoever..she hardly took ANY of me, and none which will be in this RUDE is that?!

(Wes' Momma: The day was just so stupid pretty...I love Wes many days are there like THIS?! I'll post the pics of todays hike, Wesley only, tomorrow. Till then, enjoy these. :) )

May 29, 2014

One post...three hikes?!

Well, I TOLD you we had been doing a lot of hiking lately. Now Momma has an influx of pictures to share from not one, not two, but THREE separate hikes taken over the past week. Instead of loading tons and tons of pictures up, she threw them into three separate collages made on

May 28, 2014

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Momma and I have been doing lots of hiking lately. Momma says she finds it relaxing and de-stressing with things that have recently been happening.

Whatever. I just think it's lots of fun!

May 24, 2014

Sepia Saturday and a request

Joining in with my buddy Ruckus the Eskie today and his Sepia saturday blog hop! My Momma also has a special request to make of any friends reading this.

(Wes' Momma: Please keep my father in thoughts and prayers. He has been very ill since he went back into the hospital again and any extra prayer, PotP, healing energy...any extra anything, very much appreciated. )

May 23, 2014

My Chewy box!

Yesterday Momma let me open up one of my packages, and now today it's time to open up another one!

This time it was the box from one of my favoritest places in the history of ever,

May 22, 2014

A look at some of my loot! remember me saying I was a little bit sad about having to come back home after my wonderful weekend at the beach, but that it wasn't that bad after all because of this?

May 20, 2014

Evening and Morning

So Momma, Poppa and I are all back from our wonderful little weekend. We came back earlier-then-wanting-to on Sunday and normal everyday life resumed just yesterday. Blah city.

Doesn't mean I'm done sharing about it, though! 

So Saturday we did one walk in the morning, then because I like bark like a maniac to make my presence known Momma and Poppa decided we'd try to walk again in the early evening.

It was a really beautiful time to walk, and the beach was pretty much ours alone!

Wes' Momma: That big building right in the middle of the collage is called The Grand, for obvious reasons. The thing is huge. If you look right to the left of it those are the building of the complex where we stay. :)
After our (5mile!) beach walk, we came back to the room and Momma and Poppa proceeded to torture me!

After the bath torture session Momma says she and Poppa watched a movie (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) but I just crashed out. I wanted to be ready for the sunrise Momma said we were going to wake up to see in the morning.
When morning came Momma and I were ready...Poppa not so much. He opted to stay inside under the covers for extra sleep.

The morning sunrise was just as pretty as the sunset and I wish we could have stayed another day longer to witness more of these beautiful beginnings and endings.

Oh well...I am SURE there will be a next time!

And you know what? Even though I would have liked to stay and have lots more fun on the beach, coming home wasn't so bad either....

May 17, 2014

Lots of fun so far!

So far Momma, Poppa and I are having lots of fun on our mini-vacation! We got down here on Friday afternoon. It actually wasn't a very nice day at all when we got down here, it was all crazy rainy and windy and I did a lot of sitting in front of the sliding glass door and chewing.

Since yesterday was so gloomy and wet, I guess the weather felt bad and decided to make up for it with today's weather: bright, beautiful, sunny and clear-skyed!

We did a little walk on the beach, but only a little one. Since it was so nice out today there were LOTS of people to bark at also out enjoying the beach, and I would not stop barking at EVERYTHING and NOTHING we didn't want to disturb them so we cut our walk short and decided to go walking again in the early evening. Before we went in again there was a short period of time where my pawrents 'dropped' my leash...and then let me off for a little completely!

Here are some pictures Momma and Poppa took during that time.

Momma was the one who decided, since on this little stretch of beach, that I could go offleash. I think she only did it to make up for this mean trick!

She made me sit all nice for some silly picture...then didn't tell me when the water was coming to ATTACK. How mean was that?!

Oh hey! Momma just said that we're about to go out for our second beach walk...I'm ready! I've been recharging myself for just this moment since after dinner!

May 15, 2014


Yup! For today Momma is going to repost a blog from October of last year that detailed the first day of my first vacation. Today we're heading down to this same exact place again for a fun weekend. Unlike the first time, Momma plans on posting since she now has a wonderful working laptop to haul down there with us, yay!

Curious about my first ever vacation?

May 13, 2014

Bad news, Good news

Hello furiends! Hoping everyone has been doing well! Things here have been not-what-Momma-had-hoped. Paperwork and future planning got stopped by another ambulance trip for Momma's poppa to the hospital this past Saturday afternoon. It looks like he may be there for a bit of awhile again, though not as long as this past visit.

That is the bad news.

So what's the good news?

Momma got me a shiny new ID tag!

Sadly the reason she had to get me a new ID tag is because my old one, along with all my other tags (rabies vac and license) managed to disappear along with the clip they were all on. Whoops.

So Momma has been working on getting me some tags back.

The first place she turned to for my ID tag was one of her favorite places to browse, Etsy. When she searched she found lots of awesome tags and she had a really hard time picking just one, but when she did it was this design  from WooWooWorkshop.

She made the payment on the tag on April 27th, and by May 7th she was pulling it out from the mailbox.

The tag is very lightweight, but is pretty sturdy. I've only been wearing it a week, and so far haven't been put a scratch on bend on it. In another month let's see if I've managed to change that! BOL

Chilling out in the grass...doesn't this tag look good on me?!
Other then just getting a new tag...there's a bit more good news! Momma, Poppa and I will be going on a weekend mini-vacation type thing this weekend! Yup, we'll be headed down by Wildwood, NJ to spend some much-needed relax time on the beach!

Woofie, I just can't wait! 

(Wes's Momma Note: This whole past week where my father has been home has been super stressful, and it all came to a head Saturday afternoon when I was able to get him to the hospital. Previous to then I had tried to convince the man to go and actually called 911 and had the EMTs at the house Friday night...but he refused to go. And they couldn't take him against his wishes. At this point he was very ill, with high ammonia levels in his blood and all sorts of other levels off as well. Currently he is doing well in hospital, but from everything I have been told it may be awhile again...and we also don't have an answer as to why this happened yet. More then Wes, I am very much looking forward to this is needed after a very stressful week.)

May 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Beside you

(Wes' Momma: Thank you for all the comments yesterday. There are bunches of things for us to muddle through and figure out..and hopefully it happens sooner rather then later. So far we're off to a good start already!)

May 6, 2014

A note from Wes' Mom

...looks like I'm going to be putting this blog back on a back burner somewhere for awhile again.

My father has finally made it back home since being taken away via ambulance back in December. We are all settling back in together as best we can, but he is needing more assistance and we are all trying to swim though a sea of paperwork of various sorts and figure things out for future's sake.

And so blogging is going on a back burner.

Since I still plan on taking plenty of pictures, I plan on trying to at least take part in Wordless Wednesday posts and Black and White Sunday ones, and when I get the chances I will most definitely do some blog hoping around to see what trouble everyone's been getting into!

Till things get back into place here at our place!

-Amanda and Wesley