Can we please...

KEEP this weather we've had today for forever?!

76* FEBRUARY in New Jersey! That is just crazy, but just the kinda of crazy I want to keep around! BOL

Remember this 'last of the snow' pile I shared yesterday?

Yup, this snow pile.

Well..this is all that's left of that same snow pile about 24 hours later.

Just the tiniest, itty-bitty, wee-little bit left!

As soon as Mom got home from work today outside we all went to enjoy the weather...and then the greatest thing happened.

Mom looked at me and said something I haven't heard all winter long:

"Wesley, you wanna go for a walk?"

Sweeter words were never said!


So Mom suited me up in my harness...and down the driveway we started.

...annnnd only got about halfway down before Mom had to stop us to take a picture because 'Wesley it is SO GORGEOUS out today!'

There wasn't much to see on the walk...spring hadn't officially arrived yet so everything was still dull and brown and dead (but not really dead) looking. Mom was excited to see that some water fowl had already started to return. One set of canada geese and not one but two pair of mallards were swimming around on the lake.

The mallards. Also, see the house with the blue shutters? That's where we live!

Even if there wasn't much to see, there was plenty Mom and I could hear. Red-winged Blackbirds were calling back and forth, and somewhere up there in the sky there were hawks calling out. Mom spent her walk focusing on the birds and sunshine and breeze...I spent it sniffing and...well...

What?! We haven't walked the lake all winter! I need to let all the other dogs around known I'M still around!

When we got back to the house Mom got Honey's favorite thing ever out and played with her in the yard. 

Mom says she feels bad that Honey never goes on walks with us...but she pulls like a tractor and Mom says she would like to keep her arms socketed into her shoulders. had been the kind of day were Mom wishes she could just bottle it up and share it with everywhere here in Blogville. Just perfect!

We are really hoping for more days just like this...AND SOON!


  1. Enjoy that beautiful weather. Down here in Florida I think winter forgot about us completely. We usually get at least one or two colder days in the winter. But not this year. Looking at 85 for a high tomorrow. (Pant...Pant...Pant)

  2. oh I hope the good weather stays with you... we had two fine days too but it looks as if the common 50 shades of gray are with us today again :o(

  3. Well just as we got rid of all of our snow along came some more and it set a record for one day snow fall! Go Away Winter!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Wesley I hear you little friend. It is 80 in NC today...
    100% not normal..but we have a cold front coming in tonight
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. We've had the beautiful weather here too, Wesley. It is Heaven sent for February!

  6. Oh, that's warmer than it is HERE!!! That is so pawsome guys! You are lookin' mighty handsome Wesley! I do wish the Moms could just let us do walkies, right? geesh. Sorry abouts missin' the walkies Honey...I used to do that to Ma too, then she got me a pawsome harness from Australia, so I don't pull so much.
    Ruby ♥

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