MORE snow and Barkday wishes!

And JUST when all the old stuff was starting to melt these past few we are getting MORE snow.

We're supposed to get from 2-4 inches throughout the day today, which isn't terrible awful BUT it is still snow and, according to Momma 'MOST unwelcome!'. 

In other news, the Barkday and Gotcha day calenders organized by Jazzi and Riley's Mom, Elyse have arrived! This is very exciting, cause now I can know when all my friends special days are! 

AND today, according to this most awesome of calenders, it tells me that today is a double whammy Barkday day!

Today is the second birthday of the coolest doods around, Murphy and Stanley

Happy Barkday, guys! Hope you get your most favoritest treats ALL day and LOTS of super fun presents! 


  1. Its hard to believe we are getting more snow when we already have tons of it, to bad its not snowing money instead of snow, then i bet we would stop
    stella rose

  2. YESTERDAY all but about 87 Tiny piles of OUR snow melted away... BUTT then this morning...we woke up to 2 NEW inches... with more to come on Tues. Wed. Sat. and Sun..
    Sorry that you got MORE of it today.
    What pawt of Pencil Vane E Ah are you located in? WE are in SouthEastern Ohio... between Zanesville and Athens. Our Cussin Sarge lives near Franklin, PA.

  3. We hardly ever get snow here, but we got it for the last 2 weeks in a row--I never thought I'd say this, but today I'm glad we DON'T have any snow here! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and for your nice words about the calendar! :)

  4. Yah we are suppose to get snow too. I don't mind the snow, i love playing in the snow

  5. We got 7-8" of the beautiful white stuff, Wesley! Now if we only had time to play in it *sigh*

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. I agree with Lily....snow is a pawty!! BOL
    Have funs!!
    Ruby ♥

  7. I hope you enjoy your snow anyway, even if it's unwelcome. ;)


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