Did you know...

...that I have a fur-sister? Not another poodle, or even another dog.


My fur-sister is Momma's cat, Baby.

Baby has lived with Momma since 2004, when she came home with Momma as the last kitten in a litter that's her cousin's neighbor's cat had had.

Momma actually had to smuggle kitten-Baby into the house, because her poppa didn't particularly like cats and was against her having one. Momma's poppa didn't even know that kitten-Baby was in the house until a good two-weeks later! He has been a fan of Baby ever since.

I say Baby is my fur-sister, but really we aren't that close. Momma tells me I'm a little to rambunctious of a pup for the 10-year old cat. I try to get her to play with me, but most of the time she just bops me on the nose and finds higher ground to look down on me from. 

Her nose bops don't hurt; she has no claws. Sadly, that was one of two things that Mom's poppa demanded happen if she wanted to keep Baby with her (the second thing was being spayed).

Mom decided that today would be a good day to introduce Baby to all my furiends here, because there reaaaallllly isn't much happening here in my world otherwise.

Except for maybe this:

This snow started at about midnight last night, and has been going ever since. Mom took that video this morning at about 10:00am EST, and it's still going. Yeesh. I like snow and all...but this is bonkers!


  1. WE actually LIKE your Sister... she is cute... BUTT you can KEEP the SNOW.... EVERY FLAKE OF IT... We hope you stay SAFE and WARM during this terrible STORM...

    1. I have no plan to be rid of my sister-cat, no way! And maybe one day she'll even play with me. But do I really have to keep the snow?!

      Absolutely staying warm inside today, too!

  2. I luv me sum kitty cats too. There's plenty of 'em 'round here.

    Don't get lost out there in all that whiteness

    1. I'd like to have another kitty-sister to play with, maybe a younger one who won't bop my nose so much...

  3. I luv da kitties - I lives with three of them!

  4. It's still snowing at our house, Wesley - just twinkles now but it's still snow! OMD, what a storm! Baby is a cutie!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. You have a fursister? I don't know if I would get along with your sis!


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