July 31, 2015

Mom's 'Garden' - Take two!


Do you remember back in June when I showed you around my Mom's 'Garden' - all her potted plants on the deck?

Well...if not you can click the link above to go to the post...because this is an update! Some of her plants have gotten rather larger since then...

Like the minature rose bushes that flank the front doors!

The one on the left has espically gotten large...and so many flowers!

Mom thinks it's just so pretty!

Remember her little corner garden?

Still going strong! The geranium is looking a little worse for wear, (my aunt Sarah isn't a super great plant-sitter! BOL) but with some extra care and Miracle Grow mom says it'll bounce back!

Now, for the Dahlia plant...

...also still going strong!

It even get regular visitors to it's pretty flowers!

The little pot of coleus has gone BONKERS!

Mom just loves it!

Now, here are two things you didn't see last time.

These are at the top of the deck steps and are one of the first things you get to see. A window box of...well...actually...Mom forgets what they are. She also has them in the corner portion. SOMEWHERE in there she is sure she has the plant identification tag...somewhere...

The second thing is this planter. Mom is very proud of this one as she put it together all herself! In it is a spike plant, Persian shield, a tiny white flower (mom doesn't remember what it is!) creeping jenny and a variety of petunia.

Isn't it pretty?!

Mom just loves it!

And well...that's about it for Mom's 'Garden' update.

Hope you liked seeing all mom's flowers and stuff!

July 27, 2015

Helping Dad

 For Mom's birthday last Monday (that's the 20th), Dad got Mom a new stereo for her car. He claimed she absoultly NEEDED one with this blue tooth thing.

Mom's old car radio.

I came to inspect the job after he had finished, just to make sure it was done correctly. 

Good job, Dad!

July 25, 2015

So Mom....

...when are you going to stop slighting MY blog and being so lazy about it, huh?  You have a birthday on Monday, turn 30, and suddenly helping me work on MY blog isn't good enough for you?

You have to go out and be completely, 100% selfish and create another one that's all about you?

And here I thought you LOVED me or something, Mom.

I should have known as much when you wouldn't share that last bit of bacon with me...

I don't know Mom...I can't even look at you right now.

You should probably go and think about what you've NOT BEEN DOING, MAINLY PAYING ATTENTION TO MY BLOG done or something.

((Wes' Mom: So yeah...for anyone slightly interested I DID start a second blog. I really liked the blogs that Carol and Diana have started and so, for the most part, have copy-cat'd them. Sorry ladies! I did sort of add and element to it, though...photography.  If anyone is interested it's hosted on Wordpress and is called "Food.Fitness.Photography."  Wesley is being a bit dramatic about it...since it's only been...what, a DAY since I've posted on his blog? LOL))

July 23, 2015

Fun in Photos

Or 'Mom's lazy to write today, so here's some picture's instead'

Or maybe more like 'Nothing's really going on, so here's some pictures.'

July 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Stuck inside looking out!

Today I'm (and Honey!) are joining in on Blogpaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

July 21, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Bacon eyes!

Maybe you've seen this on my instagram earlier this week...but Mom couldn't help but post it here on my blog, too!

She just find my "OMGBACON!" face hysterical!

July 18, 2015

Sunny Saturday Snoozes

It's a really nice day today, but a bit how for running around and playing. 

So instead, I opted to find a nice spot to just lay down and snooze a bit.

July 17, 2015

A Better Look

Mom went back and looked at a previous post about my new spiffy tag...and realized you can't really see the 'Little Jerk' side (stupid iphone posting...)! 

So...here's a better, close up picture of it. 

I have to say...I still don't get just why Mom would think such a thing. I mean really...I look NOTHING like she's advertising, right?

Yeah, that's what I thought. 

So why go and tell people the truth before they even get to know me? Let me meet me and then let me stop barking and making a horrible, demonic fuss they can make up their own minds!

July 14, 2015

A cool treat

Mom brought home some all natural vanilla ice cream today.

She shared a bit with me!

It was very tasty!

Thought no matter how tasty, Mom says the odds of me getting more of it are pretty low, because as yummy as it tastes ice cream isn't so very good for pooches. 

Oh well, at least she shared a little with me - Better a taste of some then a whole lot of none!

July 13, 2015

Something New

Mom got me something new today! 

Well, actually she says it was last month, but we got it in the mail today. 

It's a brand new tag for me, from Aggie's Anvil!

Mom blurred out her number because well, Internet, but other the that isn't it spiffy! 

Want to see it on me?

Hey...wait a minute! What's this 'Mommy's Little Jerk' business?! Where did my name go? 

Oh, it's a two sided tag? And you thought it would be funny? 

Well ha-ha, Mom. Ha-ha!

July 12, 2015

Black and White Sunday

Whew that Rodeo sure took a lot out of me...took me up until now to get MOM up off her butt to post recover! 

Today we're joining in with Black and White Sunday hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever because it seems like the perfect way to ease back in. 

July 9, 2015

It's RODEO day!

OMDOMDOMD I can't believe it's FINALLY here! The day of the Blogville Rodeo!

I have been looking so forward to this event!

There is SO much fun stuff going on throughout Blogville today, and I am in quite a few events myself.

Just to name a few of these events....

I am participating in the BRONCO BUSTING hosted by Frankie and Ernie:

Don't worry...all that got bruised up was my pride!

The BARREL RACING hosted by our most awesome mayors, Murphy and Stanley:

Check out my concentration! No way I'm falling off THIS time!

...which why is the front, again?!

Did a bit if SQUIRREL ROPING over with RUBY:

I GOT HIM..but LOST my hat!

I even got to do some RODEO CLOWNing around with Madi:

AND there is SO MUCH MORE going on!

WHEW! What a full (OF FUN!) day this is going to be!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at all the events!


July 7, 2015

Sad Dog Diary

No, not MY sad dog diary...this video off YouTube Mom saw making a round on Facebook.

Since I've got nothin' going on today, and she figured Blogville might enjoy it I said she could post it here today.

Wes' Mom Note: Be warned...this video made me start crying I was laughing so hard. Enjoy!

July 6, 2015

Why do you have to tease me like that, mom?

My Mom's sister (my Aunt Sarah) got a little kiddie type plastic pool for her dog, a lab mix by the name of Luna. Now, I may be a poodle and therefor a German water retriever...but I am not a big fan of water at all!

Mom thought it would be funny to try and tempt me into the pool of death by placing one of my favorite things in the middle...an empty water bottle.

Haha Mom....very funny.

July 5, 2015

Black and White Sunday

Mom has been teaching me a simple new trick, she just calls it 'Paws On'.  It's really just me putting my front paws only on an object, like this bench...but hey! If she's going to give me treats for it...!!

Joining up today with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop. 

Maybe. If Mom gets to the computer after work (she failed to do it last week!)

July 4, 2015

To all my friends

First, to all my fellow friends in the United States of America with me:

I wish you a very safe and Happy 4th of July!

May the fireworks the humans enjoy setting off not be so scary, and 
may a tasty hamburger or hot dog or both find it's way to your tummy!

BUT most of all may you have lots of FUN!

And to all my friend's who do not celebrate the 4th like we do in the USA...

Well, I wish you all the same things...just minus all the red, white and blue!

Especially the bits about the the hamburgers and/or hot dogs (because no matter what day or where you are they are delicious) and  of course the FUN!

July 3, 2015

Why Mom Stopped

Or as I'm going to call this post....'A Total Lack of Wesley!' even though this is MY blog!

How many butterflies can YOU count here?
If you guessed because there were lots of butterflies, you were correct! 

Mom just loves butterflies (she even has a simple tattoo of one on her left shoulder) so anytime she spots any she tends to need to stop and admire it until it flutters away.

Most of the butterflies were of this variety:

Mom thinks, after some researching, that's it's something called a Great Spangled Fritillary, though she's not 100% sure. There are a few different types of butterfly all called that look exceedingly similar and it's making it hard to believe that she is 100% right. 

HA! Like that's possible!

That wasn't the only type there though! There were also a few of these guys:

Now he was much easier to identify - it's called Silver-Spotted Skipper!

The last type of butterfly Mom spotted was this little guy:

This one is called a Cabbage-White, and was the easiest of the butterflies to identify due to just how common (but still very pretty!) they are to the state and general area.

One top of all the pretty butterflies, there were also lots of other types of bugs enjoying the milkweed plants.

There were LOTS of these guys around:

This is an Eastern Milkweed Longhorn BeetleMom though they were kinda creepy-cool, and one of the nifty facts she learned after was this:

As in many longhorn beetles, the antennae are situated very near the eye–in the red milkweed beetle, this adaptation has been carried to an extreme: the antennal base actually bisects the eye.  -Source of Info in Link above 
Kinda creepy-cool, right? And if you look close at the pictures Mom took, you can see that it actually does.

That wasn't the only type of beetle present, there were also these shiny ones:

These are another type of milkweed beetle, called a Colbalt Milkweed Beetle. Mom though that they were really pretty, wearing what seemed to be a rainbow on their bodies.

I had to practically drag Mom away from all the butterflies and beetles, because she just did not want to go! I threatened that I would go get Dad, and he would be most unhappy to find her poking around in the tall grass and weeds where evil things like ticks like to lurk and hide.

...and here she had been worried about keeping ME out of areas like that, and leaving ME at home when they do walks and hikes for just that reason!

((Wes' Mom: When I am not photographing Wesley I tend to be taking pictures of any other little thing I can find. I LOVE macro photography, and have been considering starting a smaller blog of my own to talk of it and show some of it. I don't even think about things like ticks or poison ivy (which I suffered through earlier in the year thanks to spotting some pretty little Lily of the Valley) when I have my camera in hand and something interesting in front of me!))

July 2, 2015

Around the lake

A few days ago, before mom went and took me to the torture's groomer's to have my hair stolen, we went for a nice walk around the lake across the street from Dad's house.

It wasn't a super long walk, but it WAS a super nice day.

Mom thought that I looked super handsome up against the bright green of these ferns!

Not far into our walk, Mom spotted this little guy watching us curiously from tree.

I told her he only LOOKED cute, and that he was probably really watching us to gather information. I tried to explain to her about all the crazy suspicious squirrel activity that's been happening throughout Blogville, but she said I was just being silly. 

I hope you're right Mom, BUT don't come crying to me when the squirrels really DO pull off some sort of sneaky evil attack! 

And DON'T say I didn't warn you!

Next on our walk we took a side-trip to the little secondary pond. Mom really likes this area...there's a little picnic table there along with a long little mini-field where we can play fetch. Sometimes there's even a blue heron on the lake. The pond is stocked with fish, and people are allowed to catch them so long as they then release the fish back. 

Last time Mom went to this pond by herself the heron was there, and she was able to catch some pictures of him catching and swallowing a large fish whole! ((Wes' Mom: I'd include those photos - it was cool to watch! - but they are on my computer at home in PA.))

There were no big heron birds there today, but we did spy some fish hanging out in the shallows in the warm sunny spots.

Around the pond we also found a few little holes like this one. Now Mom asked if I did it when her back was turned...and I told her 'No, Mom, I leave the digging to Frankie and Ernie the professional digger dogs.'

And then she noticed something white in the grass around the hole.

It was an eggshell! She then told me she thinks the hole was probably made by baby turtles. She explained to me that when a turtle lays it's eggs it lays them in holes in the ground to keep then safe. Then, when the baby turtles hatch they claw their way back out and to the safety of the water to grow big and strong. 

Or at least she HOPES that the baby turtles hatched and got out safely, and that something didn't dig them up and find them first. :( 

After leaving the small pond we continued on our walk, just enjoying the sunny day. 

We saw a small family of Canadian Geese...a momma, poppa and two babies swimming around in the water. They also seemed to really be enjoying the day!

A little bit up the path we passed by this section of what mom called 'milkweed' plants...and here is where Mom spent a good deal of time with her camera! 

Do you think you can guess why?

Come back tomorrow to check out my post and see if you are right!