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Wordless Wednesday

...and all the rest of the days, too. Not much has been happening here...and Mom just hasn't been feeling very, as she puts it,  'computer-y'.
So she's very glad for Blogpaw's Wordless Wednesday blog hop...where we can just be wordless and be done.

Though...for a Wordless Wednesday, it turned a bit wordy, didn't it?
This is a blog hop!

Mom and Me Monday

Mom was playing with her camera again, trying to figure out the self-timer settings.

To do so, she used herself and also enlisted me as a test subject.

This is one of the photos she managed to get...and while from a technical aspect it's not what she hoped...she loves it for what it is!

Happy Gotcha day to me!

Yup, that's right! Three years ago today mom and dad, aka Amanda and Chris, came to pick me up and bring me home with them.

Here's my first ever picture with Mom:

And here's my first ever picture with Dad:

Wasn't I a cute little thing? 

Bah...who am I kidding...I'm STILL cute. 

Black and White Sunday

This is my blissful ear-rub from mom face. 

And it's in black and white because...well, it's Black and White Sunday blog hop time hosted by the stunning Dachshund Nola and always beautiful Sugar the Golden Retriever.


Wordless Wednesday

Joining up today with Blogpaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

Spot Me Saturday

Mother is telling me it's my turn to blog again.
I've told her she has to find me, first.

Flower-y Friday

...ALMOST Flower Saturday...because MOM got on this post late. 
Really late. Like...five to midnight late..which means by the time it's actually posted it WILL be Saturday. Probably.
Yeesh Mom, yeesh!
Anyway flower and Friday. We've had both over our way!
First off...Iris flowers. Iris flowers everywhere! least at the end of dad's house's driveway!

On top of those pretty purple ones, there's this pretty maroon-ish and yellow on growing on by the front road. 
This one mom has declared her favorite.

Also out by the front road, both facing the road the also the house are rhododendron bushes...lots of them!

In the backyard, by the pool, the pink peonies are blooming.

There are even some flowers growing out on the water on the lake!

Back in PA Mom says there are flowers, too. 
BUT she says those'll wait until next flower Friday...and then she'll have Baby's help with those ones!
And maybe she'll actually do it on, ya know, Friday.


So...just earlier Mom, Honey and I were all chilling out in the backyard at dad's. 
Mom was pointing her camera at everything under the sky...but mostly at the flowers currently blooming in the gardens.
Occasionally she would point it at me and Honey.

She had just snapped the one above of me inspecting the ornamental grass for any interesting smells and Honey's butt when suddenly she spin around and stated moving as quick as she could for the door, calling for me and Honey to come have a cookies inside PRONTO.
Well...we didn't argue...who argues about cookies?
BUT when we got inside we didn't immediately get the cookies. Instead Mom quick shut the door and then RAN to the other room when some of her other camera lenses are, changed for the one she uses for birds and things that are farther away and then ran back towards a window and started to quick take pictures.
I had NO IDEA what was up with this woman or where these cookies she had told us we were to have where...