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Black and White Sunday

Aunt Sarah, you made kebabs? I like kebabs...are they for me?
How about just one?

Joining up today with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop.'s supposed to be spring.

Or so that's what mom has been saying. Spring is supposed to mean weather that's more warm then cold, right?

And since it's supposed to be more warm then cold that means NO more snow, right?

Well then, would someone PLEASE explain what this mess that was on and off falling down yesterday was about!?

You can't see it in small form very well...but there is definitely white flakes falling...and as far as Mom is concerned (me, too!) the should not be, not at all! Those flowers on the tree to the right prove that it's spring, or supposed to be.  

This snow stuff at the end-ish of April? Not acceptable. 
There was no snow today, but it WAS dang cold. 
Bring my warm weather back!

Wordless Wednesday: Behind Bars!

But mom, I swear I've been good!

I'm enjoying spring so much...

I just want to cover myself all in it!

Black and White Sunday

Been awhile since anyone has seen Mom and I around, hasn't it? Well, since January when Mom decided that we could blog again things happened and her will to help me out with it sort of went down the tubes.

There have been many times where, even with moods down tubes, Blogville and all it's wonderful citizens have been in her thoughts...but she just couldn't seem to pull up the will to help me make the trip back.

I've convinced her for today to visit (after all I have important things to say and show everyone even if she does not) and I'm hoping that it helps her fully remember what a beautiful, fun place Blogville is so we can come back full-time again.