July 31, 2014

And it continues on...

...Momma's blog laziness, that is. This time, though, it's not because she's been "busy". This one is different, and  it kinda came out of nowhere and blindsided her - a complete lack of motivation.

And not just for the blog, it seems so have spread to most things. She hasn't picked up her camera, except for a snap or two, in two weeks! She also hasn't been banging around in the kitchen like she tends to like to do....

This is no good!

Momma! Please stop being such a bummer head!

There is good news, though! Just today she grabbed her camera and we went out for awhile with it AND she also did kitchen-stuff. Though nothing for me, HUMPH. 
I'm crossing my paws and hoping that this signifies the end of this...whatever it was!

Hope all has been well in Blogville....with this mood Momma hasn't exactly been helping me to keep up with all that's been going on with my friends here.

July 24, 2014

She's been lazy!

That's right, my Momma has been exceedingly lazy about my blog again lately! Though I've nose-punched her, and whined at her and even gave her my very-best eyes she just has been overlooking it all this past week...and the excuses she's given!

I'm sorry Wesley, I have to go to work.
I'm sorry Wesley, I'm sick with the plague that's going around work.
I'm sorry Wesley, I have to go visit my Dad for awhile.
I'm sorry Wesley, but I have to bake these sugar cookies.
...and now I'm still sorry, but I now have to decorate them all.
I'm sorry Wesley...the internet isn't working.

HA! Does she think I buy any of those? Just lazy, I tell you!

She hasn't even taken any proper pictures! FOR SHAME!

One of the only pictures Momma as taken this past week- me rolling out my frustrations on the lawn!

BUT just because Momma's been busy and/or unable to use the internet super lazy doesn't mean I've forgotten my furiends here...or that she's forgotten about my Caru giveaway, which officially ended this past Tuesday!

Now it was going to be POSTED on Tuesday, but that's one of the days the internet was ka-put...or so she says!

So, just who did win?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to the winners! Momma will be sending out emails later tonight to get mailing info so you can get your delicious Soft and Tasty Duck bars!

July 15, 2014

More Caru deliciousness!

You all remember last Tuesday when I did a review on Caru's Soft and Tasty Duck Recipe treats? If you didn't, you should do on over and check it AND the giveaway I'm hosting for ONE FREE BAG of those same treats out...go ahead! I'll wait. 

Back? Good!

As I mentioned in the other post, those treats aren't the only yummy things that Caru carries...they almost carry a few varieties of better then just like homemade natural stews!

When I received the delicious duck treats to try, I was also sent not one but TWO of these stews to try for myself!

I was sent both a Chicken variety and a Beef variety, but on top of those two flavors they also have one made with Turkey and one with Pork! Yummy!

Here's what the Caru website has to say about their line of stews:

Uncanny nutrition. Uncanny taste.
Absolutely grain free.
At Caru, we’re as passionate about the health and happiness of pets as you. That’s why we start with real meat or poultry as the first ingredient (no ingredients from China), and why these stews are made in the United States. Our products are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and don’t contain any wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products. We only use meat and poultry that’s antibiotic and hormone* free. Plus, every grain free recipe is carefully prepared in small batches. These stews are brimming with nutrients like:

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • High quality protein for strong muscles and a healthy heart
  • Fiber-rich vegetables and fruit for digestive health
But here’s the best part. Thanks to our proprietary cooking and packaging process, Caru looks, smells and tastes more like homemade!

That sounds really, super good, doesn't it?! I know that my Momma was very happy to read all that, and felt all that much better about giving it to me.

A look at the packaging of the Beef stew!

One of the other things about this company that's interesting is that instead of using a can or tub to package their stews they use a Tetra Pak container. This container, made up of 70% paper, is completely BPA-free...and this is a good thing!

Now, with all that goodness pointed out...I think it's time to see if the TASTE is just as good as all that literature about it!

Now come on, Momma, open that pak! The BEEF one, if you please!

But wait...how do you even open a Tetra Pak? Oh! Look, a how to!

Oh, that was easy! And OMD does that ever smell good...even Momma took a wiff and said so! If it smells that good...I can only imagine that it tastes even better!

So pour some of that yumminess into the bowl for me and SHOW ME THE BEEF!

From the photos you can see there are LOTS of real veggies, lots of chunks of beef and plenty of gravy to go around. This was SO good, I licked my bowl completely, 100% clean! I just couldn't even imagine leaving behind any little bitty bit of all that delicious Caru Beef Stew goodness..it just wouldn't be right. 

This was so good...I did something Momma has never ever seen me do before....

When we went back inside the house Momma put the open pak on the table so she could go and load the photos from this review onto her laptop and start putting this blog post together. She heard something from the kitchen and when she came back in I had hopped onto the kitchen chair and was in the process of getting on the table...which I had never, EVER tryed to do before. ((Wes' Momma: Seriously, I couldn't believe it when I came into the room. This dog has never ever done that before, for anything!))

Momma was quite shocked...I was just disappointed at being caught, because after that Momma promptly closed it up and put it away in the fridge. 

So...all in all, these Caru stew things? BEST, MOST DELICIOUS STUFF EVER.

Also, remember I mention above about my review last week and a giveaway? Well...here's that giveaway again! You have SIX more days to enter, and some entries you can do multiple time! Again, this giveaway is for not one, not TWO but THREE people to win, each one to receive one bag all their own of the Caru Soft and Tasty Duck recipe treats (Click here to see my review of those last Tuesday!) Sadly this giveaway is only open to those who live in the United States, but I promise someday there will be one open to all my furiends outside the US, too!

One more note...some furiends stated last week that they entered the giveaway...but I am not seeing their entries! I AM using rafflecopter for this, so if you did NOT enter through the below thingie then your entry was not counted! I would hate to have a furiend who thought they entered miss out, so please make sure you entered through rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

((Disclaimer: Other then receiving free product to try out, we were in no other way compensated for our review of this product, and all opinions shared here are 100% our own.))

AND NOW, one very last thing! I am joining up this post with Sugar and Kol's Tasty Tuesday blog hop! Yummy!

July 14, 2014

Some 'stray' mischief!

Picture this! My momma leaves me home alone ALL day to go to this work thing she does, then when she comes home it’s ‘ok Wesley, let’s get you out to potty!’ and then once we come back in she puts some food in my bowl – not even the good stuff! – and runs out the door again!

THEN! After being gone for forever, when she comes home she calls for my aunt Sarah – doesn’t even look at me – goes back outside and I don’t get to see her for another leaving me alone and heartbroken…again!

When she finally comes back in to say hello to me it’s not from the front door like she went out, she’s comes up from the basement…smelling like ANOTHER DOG!

Finally she explains and apologizes to me.

When she left she went to go see her poppa, who is currently staying an hour away in a skilled nursing/physical rehab place. She left in a hurry so she could get back to me in a hurry. Then, on her way back she saw him.

He was wandering around on the side of the road – a pretty well used one – with no human in sight. My momma and another woman who was going to opposite direction both saw him at the same time and the both of them stopped.  The dog was more interested in sniffing around then either Momma or the other woman, and was not showing any signs of being aggressive when they cautiously approached.  Momma managed to get ahold of the collar the dog was wearing and was  sad to see there were no tags attached to it. 

Momma's phone was dead and the other woman didn't have one, but they both knew they couldn't leave the dog out there. Since the other woman who stopped had kids in the car Momma said she'd take the dog over to the nearest Park Ranger station down the road. Momma got the dog in the car without a problem and still without him showing any signs of aggressiveness.

Of course when Momma got to the Ranger station it was empty, and without much other option she took the dog home to spend the night in our basement. 

She posted on Facebook about him and on the page to the most local animal shelter, and my aunt Sarah called the local police department to report him and see what should be done...which, at the moment, was not much.

The next day Momma had work and my aunt Sarah did some calling around to the shelters. As it turns out, the dog had previous been in the possession of the Park Rangers after having been found earlier in the day. He was to be held at the station until the shelters opened, but had managed to escape.
And that's when Momma and the other woman saw him.

So after work the next day Momma took the trip herself to the shelter to make sure the dog got there safely!

Driving this dog around in her car certainly made Momma glad that I'm such a good travel companion...AND that I don't shed! BOL

Momma's seats after driving the other dog back and forth!

July 12, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Today I'm joining in with my buddy Ruckus the Eskie's Sepia Saturday blog hop!

July 10, 2014

Grumbles and other things

Dogs in a group are considered a pack. Deer in a group, a herd.

There are some interesting words out that to signify a group of one type of animal when all together. 
Some are more well known, like the two examples given above.

Then of course there are those not so well known ones.

Like a grumble of pugs. (((Stella, Margaret and Gussie...does this make you guys grumbly?! BOL)

My momma came across this info yesterday and it thoroughly sparked her interest! If there pugs in a group had a special term…what about other dogs?!

Sadly…there weren’t so many other dogs with their own special word, or at least none that Momma found. The ones she did find were:A leash of greyhounds.
A pomp of Pekingese  

That’s not to say that even though there weren’t to many specific names for single breed groups of dogs that there weren’t lots of other interesting animal group names! 

Here were some of our favorites!

Oh my!! How flamboyant!

A stand or flamboyance of flamingos.
A kindle of kittens.
A clowder of cats. 
A paddling of ducks. 
A rafter of turkeys.
A troubling of goldfish.
A charm of hummingbirds. 
A horde of hamsters
A smack of jellyfish
A cry of hounds. 


There were many many more of course, for one of the lists Momma ran across you can click here to see some of them!

Do you know any other fun words for a specific group of animals?

((Flamingo photo credited to Root64-Stock on deviantart. Hamster photo credited to VolpeNucleare-STOCK on deviantart.

July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

...I have to add some words!

Check out yesterday's post here to enter a giveaway to win yourself some yummy Caru treats!

July 8, 2014

Caru should mean 'delicious'!

...well, it should...but it doesn't. What the word caru, which is Welsh, actually does mean is 'to love'. Isn't that a pretty word?

It's also the name of the company who's treat bars I'm going to share with you today!

Here before me I have a bag of Caru Duck recipe Soft and Tasty Bars. These bars are made with  USDA inspected duck, blueberries and cranberries. Yum, what a delicious sounding combination! Of course there are a few other things in there as well to hold all that deliciousness together, here's the list of everything you can find in these treat bars:

Duck, Potato Flour, Beet Molasses, Blueberries, Cranberries, Vegetable Glycerin, Dried Cultured Skim Milk, Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative).

And that's it! Just as easy a list as my Momma always likes to see when giving me a treat! Notice also what these bars DO NOT contain: wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal-byproducts...which means they are safe for pups that may suffer from some of those allergies. Another thing about these delicious-duck delicacies is that they are made in small batches right here in the USA, which is just another point in their favor!

You can see the delicious blueberries in it....yumyumyum!

These treats do run pretty long, at 4 1/2 inches long, but Momma says they break apart easily without being to crumbly at all...which makes them good for training! On Caru's website they also show Soft and Tasty Duck Bites, which look to be the same thing but more bite sized. They do seem to run a bit high calories wise, at 50 calories per treat...but if you break only one into small bits it's not so bad!

So, that's enough about the boring technical stuff...let's get to the REAL good stuff!

Like....the taste!

Oh yeah....these things are just EVERYTHING as promised : soft, chewy and just downright delicious!

Overall, both Momma and I give these Soft and Chewy Duck Bars from Caru a rating of super awesome and delicious...which is a pretty high rating! As a matter of fact Momma is pretty sure that I like these so much that these are now my newest high reward treat.

So...I only get them when I do something super awesome and amazing...

Darn! I better up my amount of super awesome and amazing things I do then, so I can get me more of these treats!
Now...there is some really good news, and some not-so-good news to go along with these treats.

We'll do the not so good news first. Since Caru is a brand new company, these treats really are not available in to many places yet...including places online! The website for Caru pet foods still has some places that are under construction, but soon it should have a 'Find Us' page so you can search and see if any places near you are carrying the brand.  Caru DOES do more then just make delicious treats...but I'll get to that in a whooooole different delicious post!

Now...that's the bad news.

Here's the good news!

I'll be holding a giveaway for not just ONE, not just TWO....but THREE of my friends (who also live in the USA...sorry to friends who live elsewhere. Cross my paws that one day there will be a giveaway for you, too!) to each win a bag of these Caru Soft and Tasty Duck treats to try all for themselves! How awesome is that! Enter and win and you and three others can try these before you can even find them in stores....awesome!

For this giveaway I'll be using Rafflecoptor....so go on ahead and enter, and best of luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ALSO for today I am joining in on Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol's Notes Tasty Tuesday blog hop...because DANG are these bars good! 

July 5, 2014

Sepia Saturday - Still here!

Yup I am! Haven't blogged this week...but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! I'll be back and active again this week...and there miiiiight even be a giveaway at some point coming soon! WOOHOO!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!