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I will get you, squeeky toy soon as Momma tells me it's ok, that is....but after that...all your squeeker are belong to me!

Black and White Sunday - Jump!

It's Sunday, and that means it's in Black and White! Joining up with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their weekly blog hop!

More hiking!

When Momma said this was going to be a year for hiking, she wasn't kidding around! We went hiking again today...a whole 6 miles! And this time we weren't alone...Poppa came with us! He even got some new hiking boots for this 'hiking year'!
We were also in NJ for this hiking trip, but not in the Delaware Water Gap like last time. Nope, this time it was somewhere else, one of the many natural reservation areas around. 

Spring is still young yet, and there really wasn't much color around...still lots of 'brown and drab' yet. Momma did find a few pretty things among all that though.

The hike was nice, and there were some parts that we very flat and we did pass, or were passed, by some mountain bikers and joggers. On these flat portions I play chase with Poppa!

Of course he just couldn't outrun me! I may be small, but I am FAST. Maybe I was a greyhound in a previous life?
Of course, our hike wasn't always so nice and smooth. There were parts that were much…

First Spring hiking!

Momma and I had us some fun today...we went for our first hike this year! Momma says it's our first of what she hopes to be many of the same....I hope so too, cause this was lots and lots of fun! For this first hike we headed over to the Delaware Water Gap National recreation area, and initially she wanted to go to a place called Millbrook village.

We didn't end up going to Millbrook. Instead, at the almost there point she got distracted by a road veering off to the left that lead to Blue Mountain and Crater lakes.

This is where we ended up walking!

One of the first things we found, or rather that found us...was this little lady!

Can you see her hiding in the trees, staring at us? We almost missed her, she blends in so well. The only way we did see her was because there were a few other deer with her, and those deer had started to run before we even saw them. Momma heard them rustling the leaves as they ran and then viola! There she was.

Further on in our hike we encountered …

Wordless Wednesday

...I know this is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday and all but...guess what?! Poppa has given Momma a laptop thing to use until she can get her hands on a new regular computer! This means I can blog again...Woofie

A review and an update!

Am I being missed yet?

Cause I know I'm missing Blogville a whole lot! Momma still hasn't gotten a new computer thing, and even though she has been at Poppa's since last posting she hasn't gotten the chance to allow me to do any blogging!
Thankfully we're back at Poppa's, and today she got a chance!

A chance to blog and even more, the chance to UPDATE my blog! Goodbye cold-blue winter theme...hello spring!

Still alive and enjoying spring!

Momma and I are still over here in our corner of the US of A, enjoying the warming days of Spring! Sadly our CPU seems to be officially dead and gone at home, so until Momma gets her hands on some extra money-stuff for a new one our updates will be pretty limited. The good news is that Poppa has a big 'ol computer at his house that works by 'pretty limited' we really mean once or twice a week as opposed to everyday depending on how often we come over to bug visit his family each week!


...Momma's computer is down again. No idea when if it can/will be fixed, poppa hasn't looked at it yet.

Momma's homemade treat giveaway from Tuesday is still on, and still ending this coming Tuesday. She may be a bit late in posting the winner and getting it out to whomever due to computer junk.

If poppa is unable to fix this new problem, it may be awhile again until regular posts come back, as Momma will be computerless when at home.

She has the blogger app on her phone-thing, but isn't much a fan of posting through her phone.

No tricks, just treats! - Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop!

My momma has a bit of a problem with grocery store magazines. Not the ones plastered with celebrities, or alien abductions, or soap opera news or any of that. The magazines that she has a problem with looks more like this: